Sierra Tequila Logo

Being the best-selling Tequila, owned by the German company Borco-Marken-Import, Sierra is the capital brand of Tequila in Germany and many other countries across the world. The Sierra Tequila product supplies go from the United Sierra Distilleries, located in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Meaning and History

Sierra was launched on the market in 1981, and it quickly became the leading brand in the German tequila sector. But why did the brand developers call it so? Well, maybe it’s featured with that the drink distilleries locate in the mountain city Guadalajara, and properly the word ‘sierra’ means the chain of hills from Spanish.

1981 – Today

Sierra Tequila Logo

The branding began right with the arrival of our tequila in the year 1981 and start of selling. Along with the curious name, the bright logo was brought to us as well, it had a task to represent the brand philosophy – the rest, chill and fun with the bottle of such a joy drink.

The current logotype has the friendly and catching mood. It’s reached due to the bright sans serif the word ‘sierra’ in the middle of the image. The other parts such as ‘Jalisco Mexico’ and ‘Tequila’ above and below use other fonts, playing up to the center word. We can also see the red hat under the whole picture.

Emblem and Symbol

That red hat is the national Mexican cultural attribute and is called ‘sombrero’. As for the brand, so it has a curious tradition: the bottle caps are always stylized as this hat. So, this way, the brand designers connect the product visual identity with the product itself, making it much more distinctive along with other ones.