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SkyWest Airlines is the biggest American regional airline. Its central hub is located in Ohio, while most of the destinations and regional hubs are scattered across American West Coast and Midwestern area. The company also takes flights to the rest of the USA and North America.

Meaning and History

SkyWestLogo history

SkyWest was created in 1972 after the entrepreneur Mr. Ralph Atkin bought the existing airline firm called Dixie Airlines and reorganized it into a much more comfortable and reliable service. The name is derived from the fact that it’s the biggest regional airline in the American West.

Who owns Skywest?
Skywest still an independent company. It’s ruled by the descendants of Atkin, by all accounts.

1972 – 2001

SkyWest Logo 1972

The initial logo consisted of just two words: ‘SkyWest’ and a smaller ‘Airlines’. Both were colored red, but the fonts varied. The main one was an array of tilted, plain typographic letters. The ‘Sky’ part slightly overlapped with the beginning of the ‘West’. The letters in ‘Airlines’ were scattered below ‘West’. They were much slimmer and further apart.

Where does Skywest fly?
The destinations include a lot of major and minor hubs across the States. Primary locations are in the West, naturally.

Most of the logo was used even further on, although with changes.

2001 – 2018

SkyWest Logo 2001

The second variation mostly changed the color palette: ‘West’ turned from red to blue, ‘Airlines’ became black, and ‘Sky’ was a slightly darker shade of red. Also, the visible white outline around the main letters was dispensed with.

2018 – today

SkyWest Logo

In 2018, they decided to return to the 1972 design, but stuck to the uniformly blue palette instead of the red one.

Emblem and Symbol

SkyWest Emblem

What is Skywest?
Skywest is an important airline that operates mostly inside USA. It’s one of the biggest regional airlines there.

These emblems shouldn’t be mistaken for the ones Australian ‘Skywest’ uses. They are two completely separate entities, and the planes of the Aussie company can be simply identified by the big turquoise symbol with the white start on it. The American ‘SkyWest’ uses their name label as livery.