SoundCloud Logo

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What is SoundCloud Logo

SoundCloud is an online music distribution platform and social networking site. The brand was created in 2007 in Berlin, Germany by two friends, sound engineer Alex Ljung and musician Erik Wahlfors.

2007 – today

Soundcloud Logo

The new and successful company chose an equally unusual and memorable logo to match its name. He is a cloud. The right side is quite ordinary, while the left consists of many vertical lines. This technique has been used to evoke associations with the beat of music on an equalizer. The white background perfectly emphasizes and sets off the bright orange color of the cloud. These colors were chosen to emphasize the vivid joyful emotions that we experience when listening to our favorite music.
There is also a wordmark with the brand name under the cloud. It is also orange in color and has large capital letters so it doesn’t get lost in the background of the cloud.