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SoundCloud is a very easy-to-use platform for both musicians and listeners. It’s convenient to search for music in a certain genre or one can stumble upon something completely unique. When creating the service, the founders wanted to provide an ability to exchange music recordings, tracks, interesting sounds, and so on with other people. This is also a platform where beginners and well-known musicians can upload their work and receive feedback in the form of reviews, comments, recommendations, etc. SoundCloud is not just a music sharing platform, but an entire music community. The platform is free to use, although there is a paid version that gives some advantages, such as the ability to listen to music offline and upload longer soundtracks.

Meaning and History

The brand was created in 2007 in Berlin, Germany by two friends, sound engineer Alex Ljung and musician Erik Wahlfors. They drew attention to the fact that the musicians do not have their own platform, and it seems they found a perfect niche. By 2010, SoundCloud had a million people use the service every month. Two years later, that figure had grown to an astonishing 180 million users per month, and the music base reached 150 million tracks. Although the service has gained a huge audience that actively downloads songs and discusses them, it did not bring any profit until 2019. Twitter along with the streaming service Spotify offered to buy the popular service, but both times the parties did not agree. Now, SoundCloud is proud of its independent status and, apparently, does not plan to look for a buyer.

What is SoundCloud?
SoundCloud is an online music distribution platform and social networking site. This popular music streaming service for emerging artists is available as a mobile application or can be used via a browser. SoundCloud is an application that stands out from others because it allows listening to music created by independent artists.

2007 – today

Soundcloud Logo

The new and successful company chose an equally unusual and memorable logo to match its name. It is a cloud. The right side is quite ordinary, while the left consists of many vertical lines. This technique has been used to evoke associations with the beat of music on an equalizer. The white background perfectly emphasizes and sets off the bright orange color of the cloud. These colors were chosen to emphasize the vivid joyful emotions that people experience when listening to their favorite music. There is also a wordmark with the brand name under the cloud. It is also orange in color and has large capital letters so it doesn’t get lost against the cloud.

Font and Color

Even the name of the font has some connection to the diverse collection of the music posted on the platform. It is called Interstate Bold. It is a very basic font with no serifs or any fancy curves or lines. All the letters are uppercase, which creates one even line. There is only one color present in the logo. It is a bright orange, which is a color that immediately catches the attention and means excitement, creativity, and success.