SSP Group Logo

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Select Service Partner (SSP) Group is a company which provides the service of the catering. The group was founded in London, 1961. The company operates more than 2800 food service and retail places in more than 180 airports and 300 railway stations across the world.

Meaning and History

There aren’t many facts about the origins of the logo and the name ‘SSP Group’, but one thing is clear. The name and the logo of the company represent the way it’s working: whether you’re jetting somewhere exotic, passing through a railway station or highway area, the Service Partner will make sure that the drinks and foods on offer will be the ideal variant for the different travelers.

What is SSP Group?
SSP Group is a multinational catering company that specializes in providing food and beverage services in travel locations such as airports, train stations, and motorway service areas. With operations in over 35 countries, SSP Group is known for offering a diverse range of dining options and high-quality service to travelers around the world.

1961 – Today

SSP Group Logo

The current logotype of the brand represents the inscription ‘SSP’, written in two different typefaces. The upper part is depicted in the blue wavy figures, which compose ‘SSP’. Below it, there’s the same abbreviation, made in more traditional font. Also, there’s a slogan ‘The Food Travel Experts’

Emblem and Symbol

An interesting feature of this logotype is the letter ‘P’ in the upper part of the logo. Due to the separated geometric and figures, the letter looks one unit with the previous ‘S’, but in the same time the whole inscription can be easily read as ‘SSP’, and not the needed variant.