Stella Artois Logo

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Stella Artois is one of the many brands of 5.2 alcohol degree wheaten beer. It is produced and sold by the Belgium brewery Brouwerij Artois from the city of Leuven. The brew’s also sold in many countries such as the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, but with reduced alco-degree.

Meaning and History

Stella Artois Logo history

The beer’s story began in 1717, when Sébastien Artois bought the Den Hoorn brewery, founded in 1366. Artois changed its name to Brouwerij Artois, and started to produce beer under the Artois brand mark. In the year 1926, the beer brand called Stella Artois was launched.

1926 – 1962

Stella Artois Logo 1926

The initial logotype wasn’t the logo in its direct meaning, rather it was something to establish on the promotional pages in magazines. So, it depicted the brand name in the black sans-serif font.

1962 – 1973

Stella Artois Logo 1962

But the second one had all elements of a decent logo. It was similar to the modern one, in some features: the white lettering was put on the red background. But in this case, the trademark had some other elements, such as the two frames that enclose the red area and had some text on them

1973 – 1975

Stella Artois Logo 1973

For two years, the brand was using some weird emblem of a star and red figure put in the circle.

1975 – 1977

Stella Artois Logo 1975

Remember that 1962 logo? Well, in 1975, the brand designers took and improved it. The new watermark had the familiar inscription on the red background, but that time it was enclosed in three strips of different colors that have the text on them.

1977 – 1985

Stella Artois Logo 1977

Another redesign occurred in 1977. In that case, the familiar inscription was put over the red rectangular background with the white circle in the center.

1985 – 1988

Stella Artois Logo 1985

As the time passed, the designers brought a new redesign. That time, the old red background with inscription on it was put in a simple white frame.

1988 – Today

Stella Artois Logo 1988

Finally, in the 1988, the brand designers came to some single variant that is in use for today, and, have to mention, quite successfully. So, one of the current logotypes depicts the well-known white inscription ‘Stella Artois’, placed on the rectangular red background.

Sounds familiar? Well, yes. The frame for this background is redesigned. It has the rich brown-colored style with many hidden details. Also, above and below the whole image, we can see some other elements such as inscription ‘Anno 1366’ with the star, and three portraits below.

2016 – Today

Stella Artois Logo

The latest Stella Artois mark of all existing today generally consists of the features of the previous logo, but they all have the bright red-and-white color palette.

Emblem and Symbol

Different Stella Artois products use logos of different colors. For example, classic beer bottle has the standard 1988 logo, while Stella Artois Solstice Lager has the modern logo of the yellow and white colors, and so on. Anyway, it looks stylish and catching in each color.