Stock Spirits Group Logo

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Stock Spirits Group is a British company holding a line of brands mostly focused on producing and selling vodka and other alcohol beverages. The group’s main products, Polmos Lublin and Wódka Żołądkowa Gorzka, are spread across Poland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Balkan States and Italy.

Meaning and History

The company appeared in 1884 in Poland, although they are now operating in Great Britain. As well many other Italian companies before and after, Stock Spirits gained its name after its founder, Lionello Stock. But at the start it was called ‘Camis and Stock’, the former being a partner.

1884 – Today

Stock Spirits Group Logo

With the appearing on the market, Stock Spirits got to establish the logo to use as trademark. The classic logotype had generally the same structure as the modern one, but it depicted the company’s initial name – ‘Camis and Stock’. At one moment, the name was changed, so as the logo.

The current logotype of the company has dark blue word ‘Stock’, which gained the largest part of the entire logo. The character ‘O’ at the center position has the bright red dot in its hole. This dot, as well as the whole word, is outlined by the thin gold strip. Below it all, there is the small phrase ‘Spirits Group’, of the blue serif font.

Emblem and Symbol

Above the whole inscription, there is a very curious detail: an emblem, designed in the style of the imperial coats of arms of the end of the 19th century. It’s depicted in the full golden color and features two lions on both sides from the knight who holds the shield. It’s likely his own coat of arms, because there’s no connection to any place he worked at.