SUJA Juice Logo

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Suja Juice is a relatively new brand of cold-pressed juices that operates in San Diego, California. The main idea is that these products follow all the modern trends of being vegan, kosher, GMO-free, dairy-free, organic and so forth. There are many growing brands like this one, but Suja is one of the most successful.

Meaning and History

Suja Juice was started in 2012 in San Diego, a haven for the similar progressive brands and projects. As the founders of the company claim, the name is derived from ancient Hindu. There, it means something along the lines of a ‘good, long, healthy life’. So, it’s a company goal as much as name.

What is SUJA Juice?
SUJA Juice is a company that specializes in producing organic, cold-pressed juices and functional beverages. They prioritize using high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices to provide customers with healthy and refreshing options.

2012 – today

SUJA Juice Logo

The first Suja logo features their name written alongside the main emblem – a leaf shape pierced by several deep cuts. This is likely supposed to be a combination of concepts of nature and fire (a symbol of life). It’s basically a symbol of something organic, which their products are claimed to be.

The name part is just a collection of simple lowercase letters without any special features and quirks. Both this and the emblem are purple, which is likely chosen because it’s a color a lot of brands use extensively.

Emblem and Symbol

Although the main color in the official logo is purple, they don’t often use this one for their products. In fact, all the logo variations found on bottles and other packages are white. The bottles themselves can be different colors, and the purple shades only have a marginal priority.