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Tea is the second most popular drink after bottled water. Tazo is a famed tea brand from Oregon, United States. They are mostly popular in their home country, and particularly celebrated in their home region of North-Western states. What they do is buy tea, carefully select the correct ingredients, and arrange it in various packages and collections. Selected teas and exotic herbs from around the world come together to make an indescribably rich, truly unforgettable taste. No matter your expectations, Tazo tea will amaze you. Everything that is produced under the Tazo trademark is considered environmentally friendly, which goes through seven stages of strict quality control before reaching the shelves. Although the logo is quite modest, the Tazo tea packages are quite bright and memorable. The recent design features bright bursts, juicy fruits, exotic flowers, and plants.

Meaning and History

Tazo Logo history

The company was started in Portland in 1994 with the goal of selling tea. They have a story explaining why they chose this name. It has something to do with a dance performed by the pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The ancient Greeks used this word as a toast to celebrate and in Babylon, Tazo was an elixir that had miraculous powers. The brand was hit by a wave of coffee house culture, so it searched for investors. As a result, it was acquired by Starbucks in 1999. The company bought the Tazo tea manufacturer for a little over $8 million. Almost ten years later, the brand was bought by Unilever, a multinational corporation, as Starbucks decided to focus on its own tea shop, known as Teavana. Now, the price was almost fifty times more than the original price it was bought for.

What is Tazo?
Tazo Tea company is a tea & herbal tea manufacturer and distributor. Tazo teas are well-known in the US and actively promoted in European markets. The company specializes in blending herbs with premium regular tea leaves, making every cup very special. Its taste is truly valued by tea lovers.  The collection includes green, black, and herbal varieties, all of which are of organic origin.

???? – 2006

Tazo Logo old

The first logo looks like it is from outer space. It is a black rectangle with the brand’s name. The letters in it are designed to look mystical and secretive. A ‘T’ is just a cross, while the ‘O’ has another cross inside it. Letter “Z” has a horizontal dash. All the letters have serifs. To add even more interest to the logo, the designers added a thin white border that was indented inward, creating a double-border look. The frame has uneven edges, which go well with the marble look of the background featuring thin white lines and dots.

2006 – 2013

Tazo Logo 2006

The space-like background used for the logo was changed to a plain black color, although the uneven edges were preserved. The font also has not changed much. The most notable change is the letter “T” which had the horizontal line moved higher to resemble a more typical version of this letter. The outer black border got thinner, which allowed making the letters slightly bigger.

2013 – today

Tazo Logo

The logo got even more simplified. It’s a company name written in all capital letters. Notably, the letter ‘Z’ has a little dash in its middle, but that’s where peculiarities end. The coloring is usually orange, although they change it based on preference and contrast.

Font and Color

Tazo tea company chose to have a logo that features only its name. There are no other elements. The name is also written in a relatively simplistic style. It features straight, clean lines. The letters are quite wide, so the last letter “O” looks like a perfect circle. The letter “Z” has a horizontal dash in the middle, which makes this logo not so boring. In addition, the wordmark features a nice orange color, although it is sometimes changed to match the packaging.