Tazo Logo

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What is Tazo Logo

Tazo is a famed tea brand from Oregon, United States. They are mostly popular in their home country, and particularly celebrated in their home region of North-Western States. What they do is: they buy tea, carefully select the correct ingredients, and arrange it in various packages and collections.

Meaning and History

The company was started in Portland in 1994 with the goal of selling tea. They have a story explaining why they chose this name, and it has something to do with a dance performed by the pharaohs in the Ancient Egypt, but we could all agree that they simply liked the name and adopted it on this basis.

1994 – today

Tazo Logo

The logo is simple – it’s a company name written in all capital letters. The coloring is usually orange, although they change it based of preference and contrast. Notably, the letter ‘Z’ has a little dash in its middle, but that’s where peculiarities end.

Emblem and Symbol

They have a secondary, much more ominous logo. It’s a red rectangle with the same name, but the letters in it are designed to look mystical and secretive. A ‘T’ is just a cross, while the ‘O’ has another cross inside it. Generally, they use it on their packages as labeling and rarely elsewhere.