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Thredup is the name of the world’s largest secondhand merchandiser, founded in the United States in 2009. The company resells secondhand goods and pays commissions to sellers, and by today has already gotten millions of satisfied customers worldwide.

Meaning and history

Thredup is a website where you can buy and sell used clothing and accessories. You can either be a buyer or seller, or both. If you’re trying to make more eco-friendly choices, ThredUP may be a good option for you because you won’t be buying new clothes.

Thredup is a platform on which the owners display goods, but instead of waiting for the item to be purchased, the store administration pays an advance to the people who send the clothes for sale.

For the buyer, the process of buying clothes and accessories on ThredUp is almost no different from any other online store. You choose, pay, and wait. If you want to sell your items on the platform, there are a few steps you have to take before your item appears on the site.

To start the process of selling, you will first need to order the special kit from ThredUP. This kit comes with a bag and a prepaid label, which you will need to send your items back to the company.

Once you receive the kit, you can put all the items you want to sell in there. Once ThredUP receives your package, the team will carefully review your items, choose which ones to sell, and then return the rest to you. There is a fee for this, however, so make sure that everything you send to ThredUP can be sold so they don’t have to return anything.

In 2021, Thredup held an IPO, raising $168 million. On the first day of trading, the company’s shares went up 43%. In 2020, the company had revenues of $128 million. A total of almost 4 million items were sold – and this was at a time when the fashion industry was suffering losses due to the pandemic.

What is Thredup?
Thredup is an online platform, where you can sell or buy new and pre-loved clothes.   ThredUP is available on multiple platforms, so you can access the platform through your smartphone (iOS and Android) or the official website.

As for the visual identity, the fashion retailer uses simple and solid shapes but balanced them with bright colors and interesting geometry. The logo is composed of the inscription with the platform’s name, and when it’s used in the monochrome black-and-white palette, it looks like a tag of a fancy fashion brand.

???? – Today

Thredup Logo

The ThredUp logo is a combination of minimalistic design and an intense color palette. The bold black lettering has its “Up” part a little above the mainline, and this is what adds that “spice” to the whole concept. As for any other details — there are none. The black inscription is set on a solid mint-green background, which sometimes can turn white, or sometimes the colors switch and the lettering turns white, while the background — is black.


Thredup Emblem

There are two options for the icon for the ThredUp fashion retail platform. One is the same as the primary logo: the black lettering set inside a solid mint-green square. And the second looks more fun and playful: black uppercase “UP” written over a min-green circle, enshrined into a white square.

Font and color

Thredup Symbol

The American fashion retailer uses a modern sans-serif typeface with slightly narrowed letters for its logotype. The font with stable contours, bold lines, and straight cuts looks very similar to Grange Bold Condensed or Roc Grotesk Condensed Bold types.

As for the color palette of the logo, it is based on a combination of black and white, with a bright mint green accent. The smooth and vivid shade of green is not a color you meet very often, and this is why the ThredUp badge is so eye-catching and memorable. It looks fresh, young, and very progressive.