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What is Warka Logo

The Polish beer brand called “Warka” was established in 1478, when Prince Boleslaw the Fifth gave a privilege to Warka to be an exclusive beer supplier of the royal court. The Warka Brewery produces three products: Warka Classic, Warka Strong, and Królewskie, which means royal. Warka Classic beer is known for its distinctive red packaging, export bottle and can label, as well as medals attesting to the quality of the beer.

The Warka logo represents a bold wordmark enclosed in the dark-red hexagon. There are several color versions of the logo, but the most common is the one with red, white, and silver elements. Under the hexagon can be seen three medals, framed in a wreath of leaves, hops, and wheat. They symbolize the high quality of the beer. Above the wordmark is located the image of Prince Boleslaw the Fifth in the ears of wheat, who gave the privilege to the brand.