Warka Logo

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What is Warka Logo

Warka Brewery is a polish beer-making brand located in the town with the same name. Although being first founded as early as 1478, the modern brewery has only started operations in the 70s, while being transformed into its modern shape in the 90s. Right now, they are a popular beer brand in Poland and surrounding countries.

Meaning and History

Warka Brewery is named after the city of its location. The town itself was called this for its rich brewing traditions. It was home to many brewers even before it obtained its name. The brand itself started in 1478, being thus one of the oldest breweries in Eastern Europe.

2004 – today

Warka Logo

The first contemporary logo was obtained in 2004. It featured a wide dark-red plaque with numerous protruding angles all over it. The chief detail is the brand’s own name written in white capital letters in an archaic serif style.

Emblem and Symbol

They’d also put the likeness of General Pulaski – the notable military commander native to Warka – above the main emblem. However, they rarely put onto the beer labels. The general also doesn’t have much to do with the brewery itself – the connection is simply patriotic.