White Claw Logo

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White Claw is one of the most popular seltzer drinks in the US. Seltzers are basically soft alcoholic drinks made from mild alcohol and sparkling water – basically a soda with alcohol. White Claw in particular is made from various malted alcohol bases (oftentimes bear), as well as carbonated water and fruit flavor additives.

Meaning and History

White Claw was launched in 2016, and the name probably derives from the logo, not the other way around. The waves on the logo resemble claws. They took the ‘white’ part from the black-and-white color palette of the initial logo, and voila – the ‘White Claw’. As mentioned, it’s perhaps the most popular seltzer drink in America.

2016 – today

White Claw Logo

In the central part of the logo is the raging sea, as well as three high waves. Their lower side is striped, while the sun-exposed tops are completely white – thus the resemblance to claws. There are also two black seagull silhouettes, but that’s just for maritime aesthetic.

Around the main part are the name and the description of the product. On top and left, there is a drink name written in black uppercase letters. The opposite part is occupied with the description – ‘hard seltzer’ – in the same style but smaller letters. All of the letters are curved, but these last two are also underlined by a thick black line.

Emblem and Symbol

White Claw Emblem

Usually the cans in which this drink is sold are white, hence the black coloring. Sometimes they produce cans with different coloring – most notably, the harder blue line. In these instances, the colors swap to white, and you can actually see that it’s not the lines that make up the image that are colored.