Agrokor Logo

Agrokor has been one of the largest corporations on Croatia and also in this part of Europe. Until their dissolution in 2019, their primary line of work involved selling and distributing various foods and beverages, as well as producing some. It was a large conglomerate of many South and Central European companies.

Meaning and History

Agrokor Logo history

Agrokor was founded in 1976 and went public in 1989, by when they were already an established force in the agriculture. They were mostly just a distributor company, and it still meant they had a large role in this part of the market. Their very name is the mix of ‘agriculture’ and ‘corporation’ in Croatian.

1976 – 1995

Agrokor Logo 1976

The first logo was introduced when the company was still a flower-growing business. As such, it depicted a blue flower with three petals and one green left in the bottom, followed by a lowercase company name, written in black bold serif letters.

1995 – 2002

Agrokor Logo 1995

The 1995 logo instead featured a stylistic green ‘A’, with both tips of the middle line following down to the letter’s bottom on each side. Below, was the name part – still black, but this time tall, thin and written in uppercase letters.

2002 – 2012

Agrokor Logo 2002

The 2002 logo was pretty much the same concept, except they opted to put the entire thing into the red square and color everything inside white. Incidentally, they also replaced the previous writing part with the new one that said ‘The Agrokor Group’ in the same font, except with lowercase letters now.

2012 – today

Agrokor Logo

The general logo adopted in 2012 depicted the white company name, written in the font similar to that from the 1995 variation, except wider and more uniform (the previous font had a lot of gaps between parts of the letters).

Emblem and Symbol

The company actually had several more logos for their subsidiaries and for specific uses. For instance, they had a ‘trade emblem’ that used parts from the stylistic ‘A’ emblem. One part of the emblem was a green stroke, and the other – a simple black line. The name was written below, it its own unique approach.