AgustaWestland Logo

AgustaWestland is one of the leading helicopter manufacturers in the world. It is a subsidiary of the Italian engineering holding Leonardo. The predecessors of the manufacturer are the Agusta and Westland companies, which were engaged in the joint production of aircraft back in the 1950s. At the end of 1999, the Finmeccanica holding (after renaming in 2017 – Leonardo) had the idea to combine them in order to increase its share in the helicopter structure market. In 2001, the manufacturer AgustaWestland began its activity.

Meaning and history

AgustaWestland Logo

AgustaWestland has a well-recognized logo. Firstly, the name of the manufacturer is fully present in it. Capital letters A and W are highlighted in red, the rest of the company name is written in blue in lowercase letters. This underlines the equal status of the two merged companies.

To the left above the name of the company are shown in a schematic form the blades of a helicopter, three of them are colored red, the rest are gray. The blades, as it were, form a circle, which for the observer is at an angle, that is, slightly overwhelmed. So the developers wanted to emphasize the movement that is created when the blades begin to swing.

Until 2017, it was sometimes possible to see the postscript A Finmeccanica Company on the logo, it is located right under the name AgustaWestland, both words have the same length. In 2017 Finmeccanica was renamed Leonardo, the postscript was no longer used due to the loss of relevance.

Color and font

The name of the company is written in a type that has good readability. The manufacturer is focused on the international market, therefore brand awareness is essential. In this regard, the typeface is an important component.

A distinctive feature of the logo is a competent selection of colors. The name of the company uses a combination of red and blue, in the image of the circle in the upper left corner – a combination of gray and red. The colors interact well with each other to form a cohesive impression.