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Air Arabia is a pioneering low-cost airline based in Sharjah, UAE, founded by the Amiri decree of Sultan bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah. Created to democratize air travel by offering affordable fares, it serves as a bridge connecting various destinations across the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, and Europe. Its establishment marked a significant shift in regional aviation, making flying accessible to a broader audience and stimulating travel and tourism within the regions it serves.

Meaning and history

Air Arabia Logo history

Air Arabia, launched in 2003, emerged as a trailblazer in Sharjah, UAE. It revolutionized affordable travel across regions. Initially, it was a brainchild of the Sharjah government, reflecting visionary leadership. Over time, it expanded, adding hubs in Egypt and Morocco. The fleet grew, embracing Airbus A320s, for efficiency. By focusing on cost-reduction, it maintained profitability. Partnerships flourished, broadening its network.

Despite aviation ups and downs, it adapted, always prioritizing low fares. Innovation in services and routes kept it competitive. Throughout, Air Arabia remained committed to connecting cultures affordably. Its journey reflects resilience and strategic growth in aviation.

What is Air Arabia?
Air Arabia stands as a pioneering force in the skies, having introduced the concept of budget-friendly travel to the skies of the Middle East since its inception in 2003. With its roots firmly planted in Sharjah, UAE, it has woven a network of destinations that spans continents, making the world more accessible to explorers and business travelers alike.

2003 – 2018

Air Arabia Logo 2003

The logo in the image is a striking example of minimalist design, utilizing a bold red hue to command attention. The brand name “Air Arabia” is split into two scripts: the top line features Arabic calligraphy, flowing with elegant loops and curves, while the bottom line presents a Roman script in a clean, sans-serif typeface, providing a clear, modern contrast. The “.com” suggests a digital presence, inviting viewers to learn more online. This logo embodies a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements, signifying the airline’s roots and its forward-looking approach.

2018 – Today

Air Arabia Logo

The logo in view simplifies to a sleek, modern aesthetic, discarding script and secondary elements for a crisp look. “AirArabia” appears as one word, emphasizing unity and cohesion in a vivid red tone. The capital ‘A’s anchor the design, giving it a symmetrical balance, while the dot above the ‘i’ adds a subtle nod to precision and attention to detail. This design embodies a contemporary spirit, reflecting a brand in step with today’s streamlined, digital-first world. It exudes confidence and accessibility, aligning with the airline’s ethos of connecting people and places efficiently.