Aquarius Logo

Aquarius is a brand of a popular sports drink owned by Coca Cola Company. They’ve been around for a while, and several recent Olympic Games featured these as primary energizing beverages. Aquarius drinks are mostly are very much like the water, hence the name. That being said, they still have various flavors – notably, berry-inspired.

Meaning and History

Aquarius Logo history

The drink was introduced in Japan in 1983. From there, they quickly expanded abroad. They were so successful, these drinks eventually became the drink of choice for Olympiads since Barcelona 1992. Later, Coca Cola purchased them and started selling these alongside their very own Powerade.

1983 – 1991

Aquarius Logo 1983

The first logo depicted simple the white-colored brand name, written in the plain, tilted letters. They were usually placed onto a blue rectangular background that acted as their frame.

1991 – 2005

Aquarius Logo 1991

For the 1991 logo, they actually reused the previous incarnation but removed the background, painted the letters blue and turned the middle ‘A’ into this emblem of sorts. Its left side became a gooey turquoise drop, while the right one turned into an elongated, sharp stroke.

2005 – 2013

Aquarius Logo 2005

The logo they used in 2005 was mostly the same. That being said, they did put the previous one into the center of a realistic water-styled square and rotated the writing counter-clockwise.

2013 – 2017

Aquarius Logo 2013

The 2013 logo took inspiration from the previous one, although there were also notable changes: the coloring on the letters now grew paler the closer you got to the middle letter. Also, the turquoise part now occupied the entirety of the letter ‘A’, but in a way different from before: it was no longer designed as a droplet.

2017 – today

Aquarius Logo

The idea behind the new 2017 logo was close to that developed in 1991. It was once again a straight design of blue letters and a peculiar emblem in the middle. Except, the coloring became dimmer, and the letters straightened out and got wider. The middle ‘A’ was now a collection of pale blue ribbon-like lines, with the middle one being curved now.

Emblem and Symbol

The typical Aquarius bottle sports a label that could be anything from black to white to blue. That’s why the color choice behind these logotypes is arbitrary when it comes to coloring the logo. Usually, they use the middle ‘A’ from the logo proper into as a central piece for these bottles.