Ariana Afghan Airlines Logo

Ariana is the largest airline in Afghanistan, completely owned by the government. Founded in 1955, it links Afghanistan with other countries such as US, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others (they don’t western too far out, though). The airline’s hub is Kabul International Airport.

Meaning and History

An interesting note is that the logotype of the company, which has The Afghan Swallow emblem, had been personally created by the Shah of Afghanistan, who was inspired by some features in the culture of his country. So, he used that inspiration during the development of the logo.

What is Ariana Afghan Airlines?
Ariana Afghan Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of Afghanistan. Established in 1955, it operates domestic and international flights to various destinations, including neighboring countries and cities in Europe and Asia. The airline plays a crucial role in connecting Afghanistan with the rest of the world, facilitating travel and trade.

1955 – Today

Ariana Afghan Airlines Logo

Beside the bird, the logotype has other details. First, both inscription and emblem are depicted in the bright blue color. The palette Shah used express’ a gamma of lazuli, a precious stone of the Afghan hills and mountains, which has the shades of blue color.

The other feature is that the entire logotype was elongated due to the inscription ‘Ariana Afghan Airlines’. And below were put the same words in Pashto.

Emblem and Symbol

The company has got another logotype, which is being used in social media. On the circular blue background, there is a word ‘Ariana’ in white, placed below the blank swallow contour. The word has the sans-serif typeface with large intervals between letters.