Baileys Logo

Bailey’s Irish Cream is a brand of an alcoholic beverage that usually consists of a mix of cream, whiskey and cocoa in some proportion. It’s a decent dessert drink with smallish alcohol percentage of just 17%. It means that it’s enough to have a worthwhile experience drinking Irish-made alcohol without getting wasted.

Meaning and History

It was in development in the early 70s and finally finalized and entered sale in 1974. So, by 20th it’s become one of the celebrated Irish beverages, seeing how it’s part-whiskey anyway. The name is derived from one of the iconic old London hotels – the Bailey’s Hotel. No connection other than just homage.

1974 – today

Baileys Logo

The logo is rather simple – it featured a curved red plaque with the brand’s name on it, as well as a small emblem right below. And now for nuance.

The plaque is also outlined by several layers of golden frame. In addition to that, the name itself is written in vintage-styled golden letters. Font-wise, they are just the usual serif design, nothing too fancy.

And the emblem is interesting. They are two letters ‘B’ intertwined into one structure via the lines that converge in the middle. In fact, this emblem is completely symmetrical both vertically and horizontally. And like other letters, it’s colored golden.

Emblem and Symbol

Mostly, you’ll see this logo on the bottles of Bailey’s. The bottles themselves are usually black with some inlays of other colors – primarily from the landscapes they put in the middle. While the plaque part is also put somewhere in the central area, the emblem would be placed somewhere closer to the neck.