Boeing Defense, Space & Security Logo

Boeing Defense, Space and Security is an American company that manufactures and develops weaponry and aerospace products. As a subsidiary of Boeing proper, they are tasked with the management of this part of the corporation’s business. They mostly make airborne mechanisms, such as airplanes, satellites and missiles.

Meaning and History

Boeing Defense was created in 2002 when Boeing decided to consolidate branches of their business that developed and created defense products into one entity. At the earlier stages of existence, they were known as Boeing Integrated Defense Systems precisely for this reason.

2002 – today

Boeing Defense, Space & Security Logo

When the company was created, the big Boeing already used their iconic logo for 5 years. They simply gave their new division the existing logo and rolled with it. It consists of an emblem (a circle with two curved lines rotating around it, meant to look like a globe with satellites) and the ‘Boeing’ inscription to the right.

The font was the usual one, except blocky and strongly tilted to the right. The usual color here was blue, as for the emblem to its left, anyway.

Emblem and Symbol

Before Boeing Defense came into being, there were several more attempts at creating a special defense division for Boeing. By all accounts, they were using all the same logotypes the big Boeing used throughout their lifespan, with little alterations on the division’s part.

Who owns Boeing Defense? Boeing Defense is owned by Boeing. They are a direct subsidiary and a division

What is Boeing Defense? It’s a division of Boeing makes most of the military jets, missiles and so forth. Most go to the US Military, naturally.

How big is Boeing Defense? They make a lot of planes. However, they are significantly outpaced in this department by the likes of Lockheed Martin and other major manufacturers.