BRA Transportes Aéreos Logo

BRA was a Brazilian airline brand that mostly flew across the vast territory of its home country, although also operated outside Brazil – making flights into USA, Europe and other places. It wasn’t too prominent – a low-cost company with a small number of vessels. Still, it made somewhat of a name while it lasted.

Meaning and History

The company existed between 1999 and 2007, when they discontinued services. Several times, they tried to reopen and fly planes in conjunction with other companies, but it never lasted. Their name means something along the lines of ‘Brazil Airways Aerial Transports’.

What is BRA Transportes Aéreos?
BRA Transportes Aéreos was a Brazilian airline that operated from 2006 to 2007. It offered domestic and international flights but faced financial difficulties and ceased operations.

1999 – 2007

BRA Transportes Aéreos Logo

The logo was just a big ‘BRA’ acronym. The letters were colored in blue, yellow and blue respectively. These are two of the three main colors present on the Brazilian flag – only green is missing, and it’s not very fitting for an aerial company.

The letters were pretty ordinary, save for several oddities, such as spikes sticking out of the B’s left side, as well as some minor stuff.

Emblem and Symbol

The company occasionally operated on behalf of other airlines in Brazil, even after being technically out-of-business. It never shut down. Actually, some of the planes that BRA used later on had another logo – an acronym made of the lowercase blue letters. However, it was only used on a handful of occasions, and haphazardly.