Burn Logo

Burn is one of the most popular energy drink trademarks in the world. It’s a completely alcohol-free beverage produced by the Monster Energy Company and sold across the world by Coca Cola. Burn is particularly known for having many flavor variations, some exclusive to some countries.

Meaning and History

Burn Logo history

The drink was first introduced in 2001. The entire premise of this drink is that it’s supposed to be a fuel for mental and physical activity, hence the name – ‘Burn’. The brand’s aesthetic is rich with various fire images. It’s one of the oldest major energy drink brands, only losing to Red Bull.

2004 – 2016

Burn Logo 2004

The first logo followed in 2004, and it was pretty much the copy of what they decorated their cans with – a black tall rectangle with a realistic depiction of the twin-tongued flame. Below it, there was a lowercase drink name in silver letters, and below those were the words ‘Intense Energy’ in the same style.

2016 – today

Burn Logo

In 2016, they got rid of the black background as part of the logo, although it was still a common background.

The central piece was still the double-tongued frame, although it was now a more simplistic illustration. It was followed by a small black circle with the white ‘spark’ image inside, as well as the brand name. The style of the latter was taken directly from the previous attempt, although now it was black most of the time.

Emblem and Symbol

The labels as seen on many cans are often very different from the official emblems. The cans are usually decorated with the photographic images of fires, followed by a brightly-colored space and the (usually) black drink name – although in these cases, the letters are capital.