Civil Aviation Authority Logo

Civil Aviation Authority is the entity that conducts supervision and management of civil (including commercial) aviation in Great Britain. Technically, it’s a company, although they have all the responsibility of the usual governmental agency. They make sure pilots, planes and airlines are up to the code on everything.

Meaning and History

CAA was created in 1972 in Britain. There are many other services with the same name across the world, although the British one seems to be the oldest, and thus all the others took inspiration from this one upon their creation. Before 1972, the duties upheld by CAA were carried away by other agencies, such as Air Registration Board.

Who owns Civil Aviation Authority?
It’s basically owned by the British government. They answer to the Department for Transport.

1972 – today

Civil Aviation Authority Logo

The official CAA logo is a blue vertical rectangle with white claw-like stroke of paint piercing much of the inner space. Underneath it, they decided to put the company’s name in full: ‘Civil Aviation Authority’ in white. The letters are strict, white and absolutely linear.

Emblem and Symbol

What is Civil Aviation Authority?
They are an independent company that makes sure everything regarding flying in country is up to code. They aren’t a branch of government technically. Factually, they are.

There are several minor variations of the official logo. For instance, in order to not get confused for some other Civil Aviation Authority’, they sometimes put ‘UK’ right above the other written parts and exactly in the same style. The coloring can also vary from the usual to black-and-blue to a blue gradient.