Crown Royal Logo

Crown Royal is a brand of whisky brewed in Canada. Initially, it was created by the company called Seagram back in the 30s, and it was specifically meant to be presented to the Royal Couple. It wasn’t until the 1964 that this brand was cleared to be sold outside the homeland, though.

Meaning and History

The whisky was design by Samuel Bronfman, employed by the Seagram alcohol company specifically to create a drink fit for their Royal Majesties (hence the name). This happened in the 1939 Canada, and 25 years later the ‘luxurious’ beverage was allowed to be sold outside the country – mainly to the American consumers.

What is Crown Royal?
Crown Royal is a popular Canadian whiskey brand known for its smooth and distinctive flavor. It has been produced since 1939 and is renowned for its high-quality ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship, making it a beloved choice among whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

1939 – today

Crown Royal Logo

This logo was designed alongside the drink itself. It features the British Royal Crown sitting upon a purple cushion – as it normally does when not worn. They’ve taken care to draw it precisely to the last detail.

Below, they’ve written the drink’s name in elegant cursive letters (the first one in each word is much bigger than the rest).

Emblem and Symbol

The color choice for the letters – the purple – stems from the fact that it was considered the color for the wealthy and powerful (so, the kings) for the longest time in history. The purple and its shades in general are used by this brand as the main color, and it’s heavily used in the bottle decoration.