Dom Pérignon Logo

Dom Perignon is perhaps the most well-known brand of French champagne. The formula has been known for many centuries, although this particular brand only appeared relatively recently. Perhaps, it’s not the most successful brand of sparkling wines, but it’s certainly one of the more famous in this field.

Meaning and History

The brand was created in 1921 by the wine house Moet & Chandon. The relation to the legendary monk Dom Perignon is flimsy. He’s known as the man who revolutionized the production of sparkling wines back in the 17th century. So, the name and the branding are more of the homage rather than some historic heritage.

1921 – today

Dom Pérignon Logo

The main logo the brand utilizes in one form or another for all of their purposes is simply the name ‘Dom Perignon’ written in thin hand-written cursive. This makes this letters more fluid, uneven and twisting. The usual color is black, although pale yellow (as the color of most sparkling wines) is also used.

When not used as labeling for their bottles, they also put a little 4-tip shield just below the name inscription. It’s a reference to the traditional emblems used for bottles – a readily-recognizable image.

Emblem and Symbol

The emblem used for bottles is a 4-tip shield (as seen on the main logo, but bigger). They put everything on it. The central piece, of course, is the name itself – written exactly as on the logo proper. They also like to put the year of harvest there, accompanied by the word ‘vintage’, followed by flowery and star ornaments below.