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Anadolu Efes is one of the major Turkish beer companies. They brew a variety of alcoholic beverages, but are mostly known for their ‘Efes Pilsen’ line of products – a pale lager of Turkish make. This company doesn’t just operate within Turkey, their reach stretches into many neighboring countries.

Meaning and History

Efes appeared in 1966 as one of the first truly industrial alcohol producers in Turkey. The origins of their name are unclear, and there are two explanations. First, it could be named after a city of Ephesus (Efes in Turkish) – an ancient Greek city, now in Turkey. Second, Efe is a popular Turkish name, and it’s somehow connected to that.

What is Efes?
Efes is a major brewing company based in Turkey. It specializes in the production and distribution of alcoholic beverages, including beer and non-alcoholic malt drinks.

1966 – today

Efes Logo

The logo is a combination of two first words of the company’s full name – ‘Anadolu’ (Anatolia, the region where Turkey is) & ‘Efes’. Both are written in an elegant serif typeface with a lot of soft notches and appendages that make a pleasant sight. The words are stacked one on top of the other, which made them align the width of both words and subsequently make the top word shorter.

The letters are dark blue, although it doesn’t reflect anything particular.

Emblem and Symbol

They used the same design of ‘Efes’ as on the logo proper for their celebrated ‘Efes Pilsen’ – the beer brand they are so well-known for making. There, however, it’s milky white and accompanied by the word ‘Pilsen’. In other of their beer brands, they use the same approach to labeling.