Lycoming Logo

Lycoming is a major producer of engines – specifically, the aircraft engines – in America. They are simultaneously amongst the longest-surviving brand in this industry. They mostly make aircraft engines, which include helicopters and airplanes, but a lot of their products are also the usual car parts.

Meaning and History

Lycoming was started in 1845 as a company that engineered all sorts of mechanisms – from sewing machines to bicycles. At first, it wasn’t known as Lycoming. It was not until a few decades later that the name was adopted because the company acquired factory premises in Lycoming country, Pennsylvania.

What is Lycoming?
Lycoming is a renowned American manufacturer of aircraft engines, specializing in producing engines for general aviation. With a rich history dating back to 1845, Lycoming has established itself as a trusted name in the aviation industry, delivering reliable and high-performance engines for a wide range of aircraft applications.

1907 – today

Lycoming Logo

The Lycoming logo consists of two parts – the emblem and the writing.

The emblem is a red circle with two trapezoid shapes in it that make up the big white letter ‘L’. The way it’s organized is probably supposed to inspire engineering and construction vibes.

The writing part on the right says the company name in uppercase letters. They are all black, tilted and blocky.

Emblem and Symbol

Another Lycoming logo features a black plaque with the similar writing design and the motto that said ‘power by choice’. It’s basically an emblem they put haphazardly, although there is evidence that it’s more of a corporal logotype, whereas the other one is used universally.