Thai Smile Logo

Thai Smile is one of the many Thai airline companies. It doesn’t have a huge impact on travel in the region, but they are reliable when you need a flight within Thailand or into one of the nearby countries. It’s literally their whole purpose – the rest can be done by their parent company, Thai Airways.

Meaning and History

Thai Smile was launched in 2011 as a cheaper alternative to the usual airline options. The name is chosen for no other reason apart from the fact that it sounds friendly and pleasant. Because lower-cost flights are generally not trusted, they’d really want you to trust them.

What is Thai Smile?
Thai Smile is a regional subsidiary of Thai Airways International, operating as a low-cost airline. It offers domestic and international flights, providing affordable travel options within Southeast Asia.

2011 – today

Thai Smile Logo

Thai Smile uses the imagery from their parent company, Thai Airways. They took the ‘Thai’ part from their emblem because it both suits their own design and establishes a connection between the parent and subsidiary. This part features a lotus flower (or a simplistic depiction of it) alongside a thin serif word ‘Thai’.

Below is a more cartoonish and fluid word ‘Smile’. It’s also much larger than the upper part, but they obviously want you to notice it first. Both elements are colored orange, by the way.

Emblem and Symbol

The Smile planes use the same symbols as the primary Thai Airways planes. The only difference is that the former get the word ‘Smile’ printed across the front side of the airplane body. Everything else, including largely the coloring, is as seen on the Airways planes.