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Boeing is a major constructor of aircraft, spacecraft and other machinery from America. They are the biggest supplier of these products worldwide, as well as the most celebrated one. Over the half of the modern airplane models were designed and constructed by them.

Meaning and History

Boeing Logo history

The company was created in 1916 by the businessman William Boeing, although the final name wasn’t adopted until a year later. The Boeing as we know it today is a merger between this company and a smaller aircraft manufacturer called McDonnell Douglass that happened in 1997.

What is Boeing?
Boeing is a first-class manufacturer of planes and related tech. Many modern commercial planes are made by them.

1920 – 1930

Boeing Logo 1920

The initial logo was a monochrome illustration of a swallow, taken from ‘above’. Right over it was also a company name written in tall, plain sans-serif letters and pierced by an arrow.

1930 – 1940

Boeing Logo 1930

The second emblem was a circle shape with a word ‘Boeing’ written vertically inside it; the letters still faced right, though. At the same time, the type changed to a more sophisticated serif script, while the last letter became was made visibly much wider to resemble the tail of a plane.

Additionally, they’ve put two wings on either side of the ‘O’ letter. These weren’t plane wings, but oddly geometric bird wings with feathers sticking out of them.

1940 – 1997

Boeing Logo 1940

The 1930 was instead a graphic brand inscription written in the steep cursive writing, all black. Also, they used a star instead of the dot above ‘I’.

1950 – 1967

Boeing Logo 1950

The 1950 refers to the McDonnell logo used at the time: a monochrome globe with a sort of sputnik orbiting it in horizontal rotation (the company also made a lot of aerospace equipment back then). Above, they also put the ‘McDonnell Company’ inscription in a tilted, uppercase inscription.

1967 – 1997

Boeing Logo 1967

This logo refers to the McDonnell Douglass logo that was a result of a merger between McDonnell Company and Douglass Corporation. This was the foundation for the future Boeing emblem. It depicted the company name (‘McDonnell Douglass’) written in the same style as before, but in two lines.

Immediately to its right was an image of a circle with several trails going around it, implying Earth in the company of sputniks.

1997 – today

Boeing Logo

This logo belongs fully to Boeing. They used the Earth emblem from the previous McDonnell logo, but put it on the left side. To its right was the Boeing inscription in more-or-less the same style as the inscription from previous logotypes, except bigger and slightly bulkier.

The usual color would be blue for both parts or, alternatively, grey for the emblem.

Emblem and Symbol

Boeing Emblem

The Boeing airplanes depict the company logo on the ‘belly’ side of the planes – their bottoms are covered in blue, which urges the logo to change colors to white for contrast. But they also have additional livery for the planes, where the exact model number (for instance, 737) of the current plane is written in big digits.