Arik Air Logo

Arik Air is the primary airline company of Nigeria. It was launched in 2002, and 4 years later supplanted the previous national company called Nigeria Airways as the chief airline in the country. Although their planes don’t just fly regionally, they are a continental powerhouse with a sizeable fleet.

Meaning and History

The company commenced operations in 2006, and they actually had a sizeable resource pool right away, being a replacement for the previous privately-held company called Nigeria Airways. There isn’t really anything suggestive in the name, it’s just a neat word attached to ‘Air’.

What is Arik Air?
Arik Air is a Nigerian airline based in Lagos. It is one of the largest airlines in Nigeria, offering both domestic and international flights. With a fleet of modern aircraft, Arik Air provides reliable and comfortable air travel services to various destinations across Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

2002 – today

Arik Air Logo

Arik’s logo is a simple design. It’s simply the word ‘Arik’ written in blue letters (the color of sky). The typeface is serif with some disproportional appendages, but is otherwise an ordinary font.

The image next to it is silver bird. Actually, it resembles two wings attached to nothing with a slight interval between them, rather than a bird – but the symbolism remains.

Emblem and Symbol

Unlike many airline companies, they don’t paint the tails of their planes with the bird symbol alone. They usually put the entire logo there – the writing, the symbol, all in one. The coloring sometimes changes – for instance, to a homogenous white – when the background is blue or otherwise one-colored.