Faygo Logo

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Faygo is a popular American brand of soft drinks. The most celebrated product they product is their root beer, which is considered one of the best in the country. Abroad, their beverages aren’t particularly known. Besides root beer, they also produce different flavors of soda

Meaning and History

Faygo Logo history

The brand was introduced in 1907. The creators were called Ben and Perry Feigenson, and they named the company accordingly. Later, it devolved into a short and positive ‘Feygo’. Under this name, they started making various soft beverages that were particularly well-received during the prohibition.

1921 – 1940

Faygo Logo 1921

The initial logo (adopted after the company changed name to Faygo) featured just that – this word written in bulky, yet soft and pleasant letters. They were usually red and somewhat elevated from the end. This was done to simulate the effect of movement, seeing how the ‘F’ also had several ‘trails’ sticking out of its back.

This was probably a reference to the fact that they used cars to deliver their products back then.

1940 – 1970

Faygo Logo 1940

In 1940, they introduced their ‘shield’ logo. It displayed a wide shield-like shape colored in red. Inside, the white space was only broken up by another red element – this one looked like a slightly inflated heart. In its middle, they’ve wrote ‘Faygo’ in the ordinary white letters, and it was followed by ‘est. 1907’ in thin serif script right below.

Over the years, there have been variations introduced here and there, but this main logo was in use on all occasions.

1970 – today

The 1970 logo is a more comic depiction of the word ‘Faygo’. The color stayed red, with an exception of a silver outline across the entire thing and some dark shadow in the logotype’s underside. It’s also visibly elevated like the initial logo, but even more so. This one is almost vertical.

Faygo Logo

Emblem and Symbol

The logo used since 1970 is present on all bottles of their soda and other drinks. In addition, they used it for vending machines and other property in the past. Contrary to the official palette, these are colored white regardless of the background and other surrounding colors.