Gevalia Logo

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Gevalia is a major Swedish producer of roasted coffee. It’s particularly popular in United States, where their products are famously delivered directly to the customers, thus retaining utmost freshness and quality. It’s also one of the oldest establishments of this sort in Scandinavia.

Meaning and History

Gevalia Logo history

The brand was created in 1853 in the Swedish town of Gävle. The old Latinized name sounded more like ‘Gevalia’, which is where they drew inspiration for the name. For more than a century, the business was a family enterprise. Relatively recently, however, they were bought off by Mondelez and introduced into American market.

1963 – 2002

Gevalia Logo 1963

The first emblem entered service in 1963. It was simply the company name written in tall, capital letters, entirely in white. These were then put onto a red rectangle, and that was it.

1983 – 2021

Gevalia Logo 1983

This one is a secondary logo meant primarily for the American market. It’s the brand name again, except much thinner, using a serif font and brown coloring. They dispensed with the background shapes and opted for a simplistic image of a crown up above.

2002 – 2007

Gevalia Logo 2002

Much of this design was inspired by the previous one, except the red background was enlarged and it was also occupied by twin cups of coffee directly to the left from the text. Moreover, a slightly yellow glint was added in the same area, probably to relay heat.

2007 – 2009

Gevalia Logo 2007

In the following design, they took the name part, widened it and put it over a new red square (but not entirely – some bits showed). The yellow glint returned to behind the ‘V’, but without the cups. There was, however, still a wisp of smoke.

2009 – 2014

Gevalia Logo 2009

The following logo used much the same elements. By comparison, though, the written part had more serif elements in it. Moreover, it was now curved upwards. The same happened to the background. It’s mostly the usual red rectangle, except with a curved bottom that reveals a golden underside.

The minor detail includes a small ‘anno 1920’ inscription written in thin gold letters below the main part. It refers to the year when the business was officially registered as a company.

2014 – 2017

Gevalia Logo 2014

In 2014, they introduced a simpler version of the 2009 logo. They removed shades and made the logo completely 2D, in contrast to the previous one. Instead of the ‘anno 1920’ writing, there was now a curved white line that followed the curvature of the bottom.

The red also became slightly lighter.

2017 – today

Gevalia Logo 2017

Both the name and the background remain, but changed. The letters became squatter and more streamlined. The red background extended upwards and changed colors. It’s now darker, almost brown. In the middle of the free space and materialized above, they put a little tree hut. The yellow glint made a comeback in a form of light coming from the hut’s window.

Between the two visual elements, they also added a brown inscription that says ‘quality coffee 1920’ in Swedish.

2021 – today

Gevalia Logо

That’s the substitute for the old American logo with the same concept. The writing, however, became a collection of blue lowercase letters this time, much softer and without a hint of serif. Interestingly, it’s the only variation to have an umlaut (twin dots) over ‘e’.

The crown turned blue as well, in addition to changing shape to the taller, sprawling variant.

Emblem and Symbol

Most Gevalia coffee packages are red and use an international logotype, albeit partially. The only part they use from there is the brand name, in exactly the same style as there. Many also featured a hut from the 2017 logotype in vaguely the same place it occupies on the logo proper.