Goodman Fielder Logo

Goodman Fielder is a major Australia food distributor and manufacturer. They mostly produce bread and wheat products, but also versatile ingredients and foods, such as butter, oil, sauces and more. The company is located in Sydney and has numerous subsidiaries under its gaze.

Meaning and History

Goodman Fielder Logo history

The contemporary company was created following the 1983-1986 period of merging two food-oriented companies: Fielder Gillespie Davis and Goodman Group. Both had a long history before being united into Goodman Fielder, dating back to as early as the beginning of the 20th century.

1986 – 2013

Goodman Fielder Logo 1986

The initial logo depicted an illustration of a tree with a red trunk and golden leaves radiating from the central image of outlines of Australia and New Zealand, both in red. To the right, the designers left the company name written in brown lowercase letters (in two levels).

They also frequently featured a slogan right below the main logo: the words ‘our homegrown food company’ stretched from left to right in a similar red-colored inscription.

2013 – today

Goodman Fielder Logo

Well into the next century, they adopted the logo most people know them by: a green lowercase ‘g’ sprouting the identically-colored ‘f’ from its head. It’s supposed to look like a plant, naturally – so, they added a little green lead shape directly to the left of the second letter.

They pretty much used the same written elements as before on this one, except the name is now in one line, grey and with rather bolder letters. The slogan is now below the name part, but still executed in the same style.

Emblem and Symbol

The secondary symbol they use occasionally is the emblem from the 2013 logo, but bleached and put onto a multicolored background that looks like several broad paint strokes of yellow, green, blue and cyan. The rest of the emblem stays as it was. Mostly, it’s used on the Internet as an icon for the corporal accounts.