Gordon Biersch Logo

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Gordon Biersch is an American beer brand. Their primary line of work is, naturally, brewing beer, but they also have a sizeable chain of restaurants, where the flagship beverage is, certainly, their beer. Despite being one of the more obscure brands, they remain a major contributor to the beer production in America.

Meaning and History

The brand begins its history in 1988. That year, two beer enthusiasts by the names Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch decided to open up their own brewery in order to sell beer and other alcoholic drinks of their own recipe. Back then, they were renowned brewers, which ensured the initial success.

What is Gordon Biersch?
Gordon Biersch is a brewery and restaurant company known for its craft beers and German-style cuisine. With locations across the United States, it offers a casual dining experience with a focus on quality beer and food pairings.

1988 – today

Gordon Biersch Logo

The official logo is a maroon rectangle with several visual elements in the middle. Firstly, they put the company name in bold serif letters closer to the top. These are white and slightly outlined in gold. Right below, they’ve written ‘brewery · restaurant’ in much squatter and smaller letters, this time gold. Both were curved upwards from the bottom.

And below the written parts, they placed a rather realistic 3D depiction of a silo, mostly white and black. It was then encircled by two yellow wheat ears.

Emblem and Symbol

The other emblem they like using no less than their official company log is a circle that depicts both first letters from ‘Gordon’ and ‘Biersch’, separated in the middle by a wheat ear. The coloring can be anything (usually black and yellow), but the letters are always tall, capital and quite bold.