Gordon’s Gin Logo

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Gordon’s gin production began in Great Britain in 1769. The founder of the distillery was Alexander Gordon, who presented a delicious gin, prepared according to his own recipe. The quality and alluring aroma of juniper – the characteristic features of gin, began to be defined by the classic.

The brand is currently owned by the beverage company Diageo. The composition of gin contains a tonic – such a mixture was used for the first time in the history of drinks. It was 1858 that marked the appearance of the first cocktail. The recipe for making Gordon’s gin is known to a limited circle of people – only 12 people know about it.

Meaning and history

Logo Gordon’s Gin

The first logo of the brand was a square figure with the brand name Gordon’s, which occupied almost ⅓ of the entire figure. The color of the main text stood out with brightness and clarity – bright coral letters with white edging on the black background chosen for the square were a contrasting combination. An equally striking shade – dark pink, was chosen for the motto used by the brand at that time.

Logo today

Gordon’s Gin Logo

In the modern version, the brand logo is more stylized. The authors preferred to remove the excessively contrasting black background, replacing it with a white one. The size, position and colors of the inscriptions were left the same. Minor changes have been made to the edging of the letters used for the brand’s lettering. The color was changed from white to gray. Thanks to all the changes, the logo has become more versatile. It looks spectacular on any type of label design – usually determined by the characteristics of the drink. The new modification has lost some of the gloom, conveyed in black, has become more inviting.