Independence Air Logo

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Independence Air was a large airline company that mostly provided flights across the United States. They had a very sizeable fleet and offered a lot of destinations for people who wanted to travel between the states. Sadly, they eventually went bankrupt and out of business.

Meaning and History

Independence Air Logo history

They were better known as Atlantic Coast Airlines – a crucial airline that operated from 1989 until 2003. The next year, they changed the name and their company policy in an effort to be more productive and profitable, but it didn’t work out and the airline basically ran out of money by 2006.

1989 – 2003

Independence Air Logo 1989

When the company was still Atlantic Coast Airlines, they had a purple logo that depicted the company’s acronym (ACA) in big slightly serif letters, with the full name put below it in largely the same style. To the left of it, they had a logo that was basically three curved lines colored different shades of purple.

2003 – today

Independence Air Logo

For several years until the dissolution, the company sported this logo – their name (Independence Air) written in blue lowercase letters next to their new emblem. The emblem was also not something complex, just a turquoise circle with the lowercase ‘I’ in its left part. The letter was white with a dark blue dot above.

Emblem and Symbol

Most of the time, the ‘Independence Air’ logo was instead colored white, with the ‘i’ being a turquoise body with a black dot above. This was done because their main branding color was also turquoise, and they often colored the tails of their vessels with this color.