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Lockheed Martin is one of the most successful engineering companies in America. Their line of products includes aircraft, spacecraft and various armaments which they sell primarily to the US Military. Lockheed Martin is considered a vital link in the American military-industrial complex.

Meaning and History

Lockheed Martin Logo history

Lockheed Martin appeared in 1995 following a merger of the Lockheed Corporation and the Martin Marietta Company. Both were old aircraft and aerospace manufacturers, and Lockheed in particular dates to as early as 1926, when it was founded by Allan Loughead/Lockheed.

Who owns Lockheed Martin?
The company has extensive government contracts. Despite this, they are an independent entity.

1995 – 2004

Lockheed Martin Logo 2004

The logo they used since 1995 is basically the company name written in blue capital letters with the star emblem to the right. The typeface is taken almost directly from the Martin Marietta logos prior to 1995, except here the letters are much further apart. It’s a standard thick sans-serif style.

The star, for its part, is taken from the previous Lockheed logos. There, it was a fully-fledged star symbol with a trail behind it. Here, it’s just several blue lines making up a sort of incomplete pentagram with one line trailing off to the left.

2004 – Today

Lockheed Martin Logo

The logo prominently displays the name “LOCKHEED MARTIN” in bold, capitalized, navy-blue lettering. The typography, straightforward and crisp, ensures immediate recognition. To the right end, an emblematic, dynamic star streaks diagonally upwards, capturing a sense of motion and aspiration. The star’s multiple linear points suggest speed, precision, and forward momentum. All these elements come together on a pristine white backdrop, ensuring maximum contrast and visibility.

Emblem and Symbol

What is Lockheed Martin?
The company mostly makes military products. Fighter jets are their favorite.

Lockheed mostly manufactures jets and other high-speed vessels. Because they are primarily sold to the military, they don’t have their logos painted on anywhere – at least not anywhere visible. The logos used on their jets are usually Air Force insignias of a star inside a circle with a rectangle shape behind.