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Louis Roederer is one of the most celebrated champagne houses to come from the Reims area. It’s particularly known for its series of ‘Cristal’ wines that originate with the first bottle produced in 1876 for the Russian imperial court. The winery still retains its status of a prestigious and family-run brand.

Meaning and History

The winery in question was initially founded in 1776, and it was known under different names for many years to come. In 1833, it was inherited by one Louis Roederer, who promptly renamed it after himself and set out to make this wine house into a internationally recognized entity.

1833 – today

Louis Roederer Logo

It’s unknown whether the old Roederer bottles had the same design as now, but it must’ve been close. The main emblem of the brand features a vertical oval inside of each a capital ‘R’ was written with a series of spirally lines. It was an elegant sign, likely personal to Louis Roederer.

They’d usually paint it gold or silver – especially on the recent bottles. However, it’s also not uncommon for the brand to have completely black logotypes, including the name inscription they usually put somewhere near.

The inscription simply says ‘Louis Roederer Champagne’ in an approach that suggests all of these letters are capital, although both first letters of each part of the founder’s name are bigger than the rest. The ‘champagne’ part is all uppercase, but smaller in size and usually put beneath the main part.

Emblem and Symbol

They usually put the ‘R’ symbol throughout the bottle, sometimes 3-4 times. The usual places include the main label, the neck of the bottle and the very tip. Often they also decorate the cork area, but not too often. The usually coloring is silver nowadays, because they love to label their bottles with golden elements.