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From a small business specializing in women’s yoga pants, Lululemon has grown into a major player in the sports goods market with close to 500 stores worldwide. It includes an extensive line of sportswear used for yoga, running, training, dance, and other activities for men and women. The company also offers fitness accessories. A focus on direct customer relationships and community building is the hallmark of Lululemon. In addition to large-scale events traditional for sports retailers, Lululemon opens stores with rooms allocated for group classes, cafes, meditation rooms, and recreation areas.

Meaning and History

Founded in 1998 by Chip Wilson, Lululemon Athletica opened its first store called  Kitsilano in Vancouver’s beachfront neighborhood in 2000. The company’s founder was an avid surfer and snowboarder who once decided to try yoga, but did not like what he was offered in sportswear stores. So, he started selling his own yoga clothes.  Gradually, the range expanded and now there are dozens of categories. After 8 years, Lululemon’s annual revenue was $350 million. In 2012, the brand was considered the third largest retail chain in the US, after Apple and Tiffany & Co. The company received the name Lululemon as a result of a survey of one hundred people on more than twenty names and logos.

What is Lululemon?
Lululemon Athletica is one of the best manufacturers of stylish sportswear and accessories for men and women, mainly focused on yoga. Lululemon retail stores are also fitness centers that people come to on the weekends to do yoga and fitness for free.

1998 – Today

Lululemon Logo

The red circle with a bold, white symbol in the center, which resembles the Greek symbol Omega, became the brand’s emblem back in 1998. Some say the symbol is supposedly a stylized letter “A”. It is meant to stand for “Athletically Hip”, one of the top names proposed for the company. There are many other meaning versions created by Lululemon customers, but what can be confidently said is that this emblem has been representing one of the most successful companies for over 25 years. The powerful red color further strengthens its position in the market.


Lululemon Emblem

Although the logo does not have inscriptions, it is often accompanied by the brand name printed using all lowercase letters and a stylish, sans-serif font that is close to Brasley Bold. The red and white color palette chosen by the designers so many years ago has a meaning that is very suitable for a brand in the sports industry. The first one stands for strength, energy, and passion, while white is the color of perfection.