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Macallan is a classic scotch from the Northeastern Scotland. This brand is considered one of the more prestigious sorts of the Scottish single-malt whisky. Additionally, they are amongst the oldest in the trade. The Macallan whisky is sold when it matures over 12 years, but you can find whisky bottles as old as 70.

Meaning and History

The distillery was founded in 1824 by a former farmer Alexander Reid, which makes this company one of the oldest legally registered trademarks in this industry. The name is derived from what the locals called the surrounding land before – Maghellan. Currently, the whisky is owned by Edrington Group.

1824 – today

Macallan Logo

The central piece of the logo is naturally the wordmark of the brand’s name. There’s a ‘the’ article written in an elegant cursive style, followed by a collection of thin letters with a thick white outline. They also included the brand’s description of a ‘highland single malt Scottish whisky’ below, in much the same style, but smaller.

And above all, there was a little illustration of a house – a grand building with white walls, several stories and a black roof. That’s supposed to be the ‘Macallan estate’. Naturally, right below it they also decided to remind you when it was created, the 1824.

Emblem and Symbol

The logo is usually put onto the bottle labels exactly as seen above. However, the interesting thing about them is that also list when the whisky inside was brewed in big bright letters. It showcases the fact that Macallan operates with very aged whisky exemplars, which is much more refined than other Scottish brands.