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McDonnell Douglass was one of the primary plane manufacturers in America during the 20th century. They mostly made jets and other airborne transport, and specifically for the military. Nowadays, they are known as one of two chief pieces the Boeing Company consists of, alongside Boeing itself.

Meaning and History

The company was created in 1967 from the two companies called McDonnell Aircraft and Douglass Aircraft. They were rather similar and operated in the same field. Prior to that, the two companies had their own histories that dated back to the 1920s, when the American Air Force started gaining momentum.

Who owns McDonnell Douglass?
It technically doesn’t exist anymore. McDonnell Douglass ceased to exist after being merged with Boeing.

1967 – today

McDonnell Douglas Logo

This logo was born after the merger between the two companies, and they made a reasonable call of combining the imagery from both logos into one. On the left was the name inscription from the McDonnell logo – a mass of black, thick capital letters. There were two words now, and they decided to place them on two separate levels.

What is McDonnell Douglass?
It’s an old engineering venture that made planes since the 60s. Right now, it’s part of Boeing.

On the right was the emblem from Douglass. It was a blue ring (representing Earth) with two black objects flying near it: a big black plane silhouette in front and a smaller black rocket with a red trail in the back.

Emblem and Symbol

What does McDonnell Douglass do?
The company mostly makes planes and similar products, including military jets. They operate under Boeing, as part of that company.

Boeing used the same principle while building their own post-merger logo. In particular, they placed the old Douglass emblem near their name inscription. The different was that the Boeing variation is completely blue, uses simpler shapes and also doesn’t have a rocket anymore – there’s just an obscure curved line.