Mead Johnson Logo

Mead Johnson is an American company that mostly produces baby formulas. As such, they are selling this product in big quantities all over the world. In America, most baby formulas are manufactured by them. Their parent company is Reckitt – a British health company from Slough.

Meaning and History

Mead Johnson Logo history

Mead Johnson was established in 1905 when Edward Mead Johnson decided to create a medicinal company in New Jersey. It didn’t quite work out, so they quickly refocused on producing baby good, in particular – the baby formulas that started becoming rather popular back then.

1908 – 1915

Mead Johnson Logo 1908

The initial logo was simply the black wordmark that spelled the full company name, ‘Mead Johnson & Co’. In this iteration, they opted for a cursive handwritten style with a big line coming out of the last letter and arching all the way over the rest of the letters.

1915 – 1937

Mead Johnson Logo 1915

In 1915, they decided to save on complex emblems and wrote the same thing in a simple thin sans-serif type.

1937 – 1949

Mead Johnson Logo 1937

This time they changed the font to a slightly bolder sans-serif type. And that was the only change.

1949 – 1955

Mead Johnson Logo 1949

The 1949 logo returned to what the emblem looked in 1915, but extended ‘Co’ into ‘Company’ and made the letters squatter and smaller.

1955 – 1965

Mead Johnson Logo 1955

The 1955 opened up the ‘Mead Johnson Laboratories’ period. Consequentially, they changed the words on their logo to this and slightly altered the font again. This time, however, they had to squeeze them into two lines, because there was a new emblem to the left – a black square with two opposing white crescents.

1965 – 1997

Mead Johnson Logo 1965

The 1965 logo simply said ‘Mead Johnson’ in two peculiar new fonts, each for a respective word.  They were mostly alike, except the first was pale blue, and the other largely used black lines to outline the letters and left the rest a blank space.

1997 – today

Mead Johnson Logo

In 1997, they instead decided to use a single font for both words and add another one – ‘nutrition’ – right below. The new font was much sharper, official-looking, and the letters in it were visibly tilted to the side. All three words were completely blue. The other colors included two horizontal crescents in yellow and red around the words.

Emblem and Symbol

The company doesn’t feature its logo on the products it makes. Each product brand has its own emblem – for instance, the iconic ‘Enfamil’ has a blue text bubble with the white word ‘Enfamil’ written inside it. The other products logos have their own systems and don’t share anything in common between one another.