Messenger Logo

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What is Messenger Logo

Messenger is an online chat service created by Meta (Facebook, formerly). It allows people to quickly exchange text messages as well as send photos and audio files and other media to each other. The software is powered by Facebook, and it collects data of the audience of this social media to operate.

Meaning and History

Messenger Logo history

2011 – 2013

Messenger Logo 2011

The initial logotype of the then-titled Facebook Chat was the simple watermark with the typical chat icon made of blue rectangle. This logotype had a distinctive wavy line in the center of the rectangle.

2013 – 2018

Messenger Logo 2013

In 2013, the Messenger icon was given a bright blue circle in place of the old-school rectangle.

2018 – 2020

Messenger Logo 2018

In 2018, the Messenger team presented this one. It looked similar to the 2013 version, but it was a bit squeezed, and both the circle and the wavy line looked bolder and rounder.

2020 – today

Messenger Logo

The circle in this following version gained a violet gradient, but nothing else really changed.