Metaxa Logo

Metaxa is the unique Greek liquor. It has an iconic amber color and a genuine soft taste owing to the mix of various wine and herbal sources. It’s one of the most iconic Greek beverages, although some compare it to brandy, cognac and whisky. The brand is owned by the Remy Cointreau Company.

Meaning and History

The brand was created in 1888 by a Greek merchant and traveler Spyros Metaxa. An avid liquor enthusiast, he decided to create a drink that would serve his own preferences, and that’s how he created Metaxa. The main distillery is located in the Athenian port Piraeus.

What is Metaxa?
Metaxa is a Greek brand of premium spirits, particularly known for its unique blend of brandy and wine. With a rich heritage dating back to 1888, Metaxa offers a smooth and distinctive taste that combines Mediterranean flavors with traditional craftsmanship, making it a beloved choice for connoisseurs worldwide.

1950 – today

Metaxa Logo

The brand had this logo for a long time. It displays the word ‘Metaxa’ written in a visibly Green style – big, geometric letters with sudden cuts and ledges all over them. They were all uppercase and colored in black, although sometimes a yellow outline would be added for contrast.

The slogans of ‘the Greek spirit’ or ‘the original Greek spirit’ were also commonly written below the main logo part.

Emblem and Symbol

There is a symbol imprinted into all Metaxa bottles, close to the neck. It’s a seal with an outer layer holding a ‘since 1888’ inscription in Greek, and an Ancient Greek warrior, called ‘Salamina warrior’ officially, inside the core section with a bow in one hand and an owl in the other.