Miller Logo

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Miller is one of the biggest American beer breweries. Their brands include Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft, Miller High Life and several more names. In total, there are several dozen of them, although most people only drink the Genuine Draft. These beers are amongst the most popular alcohol products in America

Meaning and History

The Miller Company was established in 1855 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Frederick Miller. Thanks to his effort, this city eventually grew to become the beer capital of America. Miller’s efforts also revolutionized the beer market, all because with him he brought techniques and ingredients from Germany.

1950 – today

Miller Logo

The variations of the Miller emblem had the same wordmark since the 1950s. They surrounding elements were changed all the time, but the inscription persisted almost unchanged. It’s a skewed handwritten word ‘Miller’ written at an angle. Except for a large twist coming out of the ‘M’, there’s nothing too special about the font.

Wherever it was written, it would usually have a single line beneath the word, drawn at exactly the same angle. The ordinary colors across the years were white and black. Today, this wordmark is usually put onto a red plaque with several round blobs protruding out of each corner.

Emblem and Symbol

Miller Genuine Draft is the most popular out of the Miller brands, and most people think of these bottles when you mention the company. It has exactly the same wordmark, except colored gold. Then it would be put onto a red circle with a bird carrying laurel wreaths coming out of its top. Below, they’d naturally write ‘Genuine Draft’ in gold.