Most Famous Logos With a Crown

Most Famous Logos With a Crown

In the dynamic realm of branding and corporate identities, logos serve as a cornerstone in articulating a business’s core messages, principles, and character. A captivating and commonly seen theme in logo creation is the incorporation of a crown motif. Historically emblematic of power, prestige, and authority, the crown has seamlessly integrated into the visual lexicon of a plethora of brands and institutions.

This article ventures into the realm of crown-embellished logos, dissecting the profound implications of this royal icon and its application across varied industries and sectors. Ranging from high-end luxury products to beverage brands and further, the presence of a crown in logo design denotes excellence, legacy, and uniqueness. Our exploration will decode the narratives behind these legendary symbols and reveal the deep-seated messages they embody.

Embark on an illustrative expedition into the domain of crown-laden logos, as we demystify the concealed connotations, trace the historical connections, and acknowledge the craftsmanship behind these emblems of grandeur. Whether you are an aficionado of logos, a branding expert, or merely intrigued by the intriguing realm of visual identities, this piece invites you to delve into the enthralling universe of logos graced with crowns.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Logo Anastasia Beverly Hills

Consider Anastasia Beverly Hills, a trailblazer in eyebrow products and a distinguished cosmetics marque celebrated for its superior, cutting-edge makeup solutions. Its logo showcases an exquisitely crafted monogram that mirrors the letter ‘A’, encapsulated within a round frame, resembling a butterfly with outstretched wings, crowned at the top. Below this central depiction, the brand’s name “ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS” is elegantly scripted in refined cursive font, projecting an aura of opulence and high-fashion allure.


Logo Braga

Nestled in Portugal, Braga is a city steeped in history and brimming with life, renowned for its profound cultural legacy, exquisite Baroque structures, and significant religious stature, marked by its numerous churches. Its emblem showcases a meticulously detailed shield, crowned with a mural emblem to denote its urban status. The shield is bisected vertically: the left side in red and the right in white. Adorning the top are three blue escutcheons dotted in white, beneath which sit two towers. Central to the design is the Virgin Mary, robed in blue and red, holding the Christ Child, a representation of safeguarding and guidance. Above this figure arches the word “SPORTING,” while “CLUBE DE BRAGA” encircles the base, harmoniously framing the imagery.

Canada Dry

Logo Canada Dry

Famed for its signature product, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Canada Dry is a stalwart in the soft drink industry, offering a beloved mixer and beverage since 1904. The logo exudes vitality, featuring a shield in yellow and green, symbolizing rejuvenation and natural roots, topped with a noble green crest denoting excellence and heritage. Within this shield, “CANADA DRY” stands out in striking red letters set against a yellow backdrop, overlaying a white global map, highlighting the brand’s global reach. Above, “SINCE 1904” is inscribed, a nod to its enduring legacy. Surrounding the shield, lively effervescent bubbles add a vivacious and fizzy touch, visually expressing the drink’s carbonated essence.


Logo Cincinnati

Cincinnati, a prominent city in Ohio, USA, is celebrated for its rich artistic heritage, a notable sports history, and a skyline defined by the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. Its logo presents a contemporary, robust shield design, divided into navy blue above and a vivid orange below. Cutting across the division are the bold black letters “CINCINNATI,” denoting the football club’s name. The lower orange portion hosts a white winged lion, wielding a sword and crowned, embodying strength, agility, and royal authority. Encircling the emblem is a slim white and navy border, offering a stark contrast that amplifies its visual allure.


Logo Correos

Correos, Spain’s esteemed national postal service, boasts a venerable history that traces back to 1716. It is integral to both national and international communication and parcel distribution. The emblem features a modernized blue post horn, a classic symbol of postal services, infused with a bold, contemporary aesthetic. Hovering above the horn is a crown, a nod to the service’s longstanding significance in national communication and its historical ties to royal dispatches. The horn’s design is sleek and minimalist, symbolizing the dynamic and dependable nature of Correos’ operations. The emblem is bathed in a vivid blue hue, emblematic of trust, efficiency, and the organization’s dedication to bridging distances and connecting people.

Crown Royal

Logo Crown Royal

As a leading Canadian whisky brand, Crown Royal is acclaimed for its velvety smoothness and distinctive presentation, including the iconic velvet pouch. Its logo features an intricately designed crown, an emblem of royal splendor and luxury, poised atop a cushion adorned with elegant tassels, reflecting a legacy of artisanship and quality. Below the crown, “Crown Royal” is inscribed in an ornate, flowing script, underscoring the brand’s sophistication and elite positioning. The logo’s monochromatic palette accentuates the detailed lines and shapes, conveying the timeless elegance synonymous with Crown Royal’s premium whisky.

Eintracht Frankfurt

Logo Eintracht Frankfurt

Eintracht Frankfurt, a prominent German sports club, is particularly celebrated for its successful professional football team, renowned in both national and European arenas. Its logo showcases a striking red eagle, a potent emblem of strength and liberty, with its wings majestically spread and a noble crown atop its head, symbolizing sovereignty and distinction. Surrounding the eagle is a bold red ring, set against a white backdrop, creating an impactful visual statement. Within this ring, a smaller white circle frames the eagle, drawing attention to its center. At the core of the eagle is a shield emblazoned with the letter “E,” denoting ‘Eintracht,’ the club’s name. This emblem encapsulates the essence of Eintracht Frankfurt, a distinguished German football club, representing its proud history and competitive prowess.

Emilio Pucci

Logo Emilio Pucci

The illustrious Italian fashion house Emilio Pucci is renowned for its vivid, pattern-rich designs, a true game-changer in women’s fashion with its daring and inventive creations. The brand’s logo artfully intertwines the initials “E” and “P”, forming a symmetrical, ornate emblem that mirrors the luxury and intricacy of Pucci’s fashion heritage. Crowned with an elegant ornamental piece, the logo reflects the brand’s upscale stature and its historical ties to the aristocracy of design. Rendered in a classic black and white palette, the logo encapsulates the brand’s enduring elegance and simplicity. Below, the name “EMILIO PUCCI” is presented in a crisp, all-caps font, ensuring instant brand recognition and a touch of sophistication.


Logo Hallmark

Hallmark, an American icon best known for its extensive collection of greeting cards, ornaments, and television content, epitomizes warmth and connection in personal relationships. The logo is crowned by a simple yet refined black crown, symbolizing the brand’s dedication to quality and distinction. Below this emblem, “Hallmark” is inscribed in a fluid, cursive script, imparting a personal, human feel, mirroring the company’s aim to nurture emotional bonds through its offerings. This juxtaposition of the royal crown and the handwritten-style typeface strikes a balance between tradition and accessibility, encapsulating Hallmark’s esteemed status as a provider of premium greeting cards and gifts.

HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)


HMRC, a vital arm of the UK Government, is charged with tax collection, administering state support, and implementing financial regulations. Its logo features the bold, teal lettering of “HM Revenue & Customs”, reflecting authority and dependability. Accompanying the text is a circular insignia housing a stylized version of the St Edward’s Crown, a symbol of the department’s governmental power. This crown, detailed yet modern in its abstraction, forms a contemporary emblem, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to enforcing the nation’s financial laws. The teal hue lends a modern flair to the logo, merging traditional symbolism with a present-day aesthetic, indicative of HMRC’s role in contemporary society.


Logo Husqvarna

Hailing from Sweden, Husqvarna stands at the forefront of the outdoor power product industry, offering an extensive array of superior tools for gardening, forestry, and construction. The brand’s logo features “Husqvarna” in a prominent, modern sans-serif font, bathed in a deep blue hue that underscores the brand’s dependability and professional-grade excellence. To the left, an emblem presents the letter “H” within a shield-like figure, surmounted by a stylized castle turret, a testament to the brand’s Swedish roots and its historical link to durability and safeguarding. This design, with its monochromatic palette and clean lines, embodies precision and efficiency, hallmarks of Husqvarna’s commitment to quality in its outdoor power equipment.

KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines)

Logo KLM

KLM, the national airline of the Netherlands and one of the oldest in the world, is celebrated for its vast global network and dedication to sustainability. The airline’s logo features the bold, uppercase “KLM,” standing for Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij, rendered in a striking shade of blue, echoing the airline’s Dutch heritage. Above the name, a stylized crown represents the ‘Royal’ aspect of the airline’s title, underscoring its role as the Dutch flag carrier. The crown, with its modern, abstract orbs and cross, hovers over a horizontal line capping the “K” and “M,” creating a balanced and commanding aura. The choice of blue in the logo symbolizes depth and stability, mirroring KLM’s reputation for consistent reliability and superior customer service.


Logo Konplott

Konplott, the brainchild of designer Miranda Konstantinidou, is a unique jewelry brand renowned for its bespoke, handcrafted creations that blend traditional artisanship with contemporary styling. The logo features an oval seal, at its heart a stylized heart, encircled by symmetrical, lavish adornments, reflecting a commitment to opulence and meticulous attention to detail. Crowning the heart is a royal emblem, signifying the brand’s dedication to quality and luxury. Encircling this central design is “MIRANDA KONSTANTINIDOU,” highlighting the personal involvement and creative direction of the founder. Below, the establishment year “EST. 19 AD 86” is split by a globe, denoting the brand’s global reach and enduring presence in the jewelry sector. The design’s monochromatic color scheme enhances the brand’s elegance and timeless appeal.


Logo KPN

KPN, a key player in the Dutch telecommunications sector, provides a wide array of services like internet, mobile, and TV across the Netherlands. Its logo displays the lowercase “kpn” in a bold, contemporary sans-serif font, drenched in a rich blue hue that echoes themes of dependability and professionalism. To the left of the name is an energetic, abstract symbol comprising three interlaced forms in shades of blue, green, and light green, evoking ideas of movement and interconnectivity. Crowning this emblem is a white crown, symbolizing the company’s royal Dutch heritage, as denoted by its full name, Koninklijke PTT Nederland. The logo as a whole captures KPN’s progressive attitude towards the telecommunication and digital service sectors.


Logo Krone

Krone, a leading German name in agricultural machinery, is recognized for its cutting-edge technology and trustworthy products in the farming industry. The brand’s logo presents the word “KRONE” in striking uppercase letters colored in a lively green, reflecting themes of growth, energy, and a bond with agriculture. The Krone Crown, characterized by a vertical line that flares at the top and forks, is underscored by a trapezoid, flanked by two bold, curved lines. This green color scheme underscores the brand’s commitment to pioneering in green technology and its dedication to environmental sustainability.

Los Angeles Kings

Logo Los Angeles Kings

The Los Angeles Kings, a professional ice hockey team based in Los Angeles, are celebrated for their two Stanley Cup victories in the 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 seasons. Their logo incorporates a shield with a tapered base, bisected by a horizontal stripe. The upper part features the letters “LA” in a robust, block typeface, representing the team’s home city. Beneath the stripe lies a stylized crown with intricate detailing, reflecting the team’s majestic moniker, the Kings. The logo utilizes a monochrome palette, with sharp white elements set against a deep black background, suggesting the team’s sophistication and strength on the ice. Its angular design and stark contrast lend a modern, dynamic vibe, emblematic of the team’s competitive nature and contemporary image.

Louis Philippe

Logo Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe, a distinguished Indian brand in men’s fashion and part of the Aditya Birla Group, has been offering formal and luxury clothing since 1989. Its logo features “LOUIS PHILIPPE” in a classic, serif typeface, emanating timelessness and sophistication. Centered above the brand name is a small, intricately designed crown, reflecting the brand’s dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and its status as a luxury menswear provider. This crown lends a regal element to the logo, signifying a standard of elegance and superiority. The entire logo is presented in a monochromatic tone, embodying the brand’s subtle yet confident fashion philosophy. The logo’s simplicity mirrors the brand’s allegiance to enduring, classic styles over fleeting fashion fads.

The Manchester Monarchs

Logo Manchester Monarchs

The Manchester Monarchs, a former professional ice hockey team based in Manchester, New Hampshire, were active from 2001 to 2019, primarily in the AHL and later in the ECHL. Their logo boldly features “MONARCHS” in an angular, robust font, exuding strength and dominance, with the “M” and “S” accentuated to encompass the word. Beneath it is a fierce, detailed lion head topped with a crown, reflecting the “Monarch” element of the team’s name. The lion is depicted in black and white, creating a stark, commanding image. Its aggressive, determined expression captures the competitive essence typical of a sports team. The lion, often linked with royalty and bravery and a common heraldic symbol, represents the team’s regal and formidable identity.

Michael Jackson

Logo Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, celebrated as the “King of Pop,” was an influential American singer, songwriter, and dancer, whose impact on music, dance, and fashion established him as a global icon in popular culture. His logo displays a stylized version of the initials “MJ,” crafted in a sleek, angular font that suggests modernity and flair. The intertwined “M” and “J” symbolize the indelible link to the artist’s persona. Atop the initials sits a majestic crown, indicative of a royal stature, aligning with Jackson’s epithet as the “King of Pop.” This logo is rendered in a silhouette style, offering a bold, instantly recognizable image. The detailed points of the crown add an element of sophistication and grandeur, reinforcing the royal association tied to the artist’s legacy.


Logo Nice

Nice, a scenic city on the French Riviera, is celebrated for its beautiful coastal promenade, rich cultural life, and status as a portal to the Mediterranean. The city’s logo centers around a shield, striped in red and black, the colors of OGC Nice, the local French football club. “OGC NICE” is boldly displayed in white atop the shield, ensuring standout visibility. Behind the shield is an eagle with wings spread, its head turned aside, crowned atop, representing the club’s sovereignty and inspiring ethos. This eagle acknowledges the club’s moniker, “Les Aiglons” (The Eaglets). Below the shield, a banner reads “DEPI 1904,” highlighting the club’s longstanding history in French football. Set against a darker background, the logo achieves a striking contrast and visual prominence.


Logo Noble

Noble Automotive Ltd., a British manufacturer of high-speed, handcrafted, limited-edition sports cars, is known for its emphasis on lightweight design and performance. The logo features two elements: a simple yet regal crown, embodying two mirrored “N” letters with four dots, sits at the top. Below this crown, “NOBLE” is written in capitalized letters against a vivid yellow rectangle, creating an eye-catching contrast and enhancing its visibility. The solid, block-style font communicates robustness and dependability, reflecting the brand’s core values. The black and yellow color scheme makes a strong visual statement, symbolizing the brand’s boldness and the high performance of its vehicles.

Old Dominion Monarchs

Logo Old Dominion Monarchs

Representing Old Dominion University’s athletic teams in Norfolk, Virginia, the Old Dominion Monarchs compete in sports like basketball and football. Their logo features a dynamic depiction of the university’s mascot, the Monarch lion, rendered in a stylized and formidable manner. The lion, portrayed in various shades of blue, adds depth and dimension to the image. It sports a crown, echoing the “Monarchs” nickname and denoting regality and power. “OLD DOMINION,” in bold capital letters, is prominently placed in front of the lion, with “UNIVERSITY” inscribed on a banner beneath the mascot. The logo is designed to convey the university community’s pride and spirit, with an emphasis on tradition and excellence.

Orange Bowl

Logo Orange Bowl

The Orange Bowl, an esteemed American college football bowl game held annually in Florida since 1935, is renowned for its thrilling matches often featuring top-tier teams. Its logo is a lively emblem that embodies the spirit of this prestigious college football event, showcasing a stylized orange fruit. The crown in this design resembles a splash of juice, capturing the essence of summer fun and a jubilant atmosphere. The upper half of the shield bears “Capital One,” the title sponsor, in white against a dark blue background, signifying a corporate alliance. “ORANGE BOWL” is prominently inscribed in a bold sans-serif font, arched in the logo’s center, and flanked by two golden swooshes that emphasize the movement and festivity synonymous with the event. The logo’s overall design communicates the warmth, exuberance, and competitive fervor characteristic of the Orange Bowl.


Logo Orient

Established in 1950 in Japan, Orient Watch is celebrated for its precision mechanical watches, a blend of traditional artisanship and modern technology. The logo features a heraldic symbol with two lions in a mirrored pose, standing in profile while facing the viewer, symmetrically flanking a central shield. Above this shield is a striking red “O,” representing “Orient,” also spelled out below in large, serif capital letters, evoking a sense of tradition and excellence. A crown adorns the top of the shield, signifying the brand’s commitment to superior quality and royal standards. The logo employs a minimalistic two-tone color scheme, emphasizing the contrast between the white lions and the background, with the brand name and “O” in red, lending the emblem a prestigious, classic appearance.


Logo Pandora

Pandora, a globally renowned Danish jewelry company, is best known for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, and necklaces. The logo features the brand name “PANDORA” in a contemporary, sans-serif typeface, reflecting a modern and sleek aesthetic. Positioned above the “O” is a petite crown with three distinct spikes and a central dot, symbolizing the brand’s dedication to quality and a hint of regality, mirroring its jewelry pieces. The black color of the text  lends a classic, versatile look, highlighting the brand’s sophistication and the enduring charm of its offerings. The logo’s straightforward design ensures easy recognition and adaptability across various platforms, from product packaging to store fronts.


Logo Pininfarina

Pininfarina, an Italian automobile design firm and coachbuilder founded in 1930, is celebrated for its elegant and groundbreaking designs for high-end car manufacturers. The logo features “Pininfarina,” representing the company’s expertise in automotive design and engineering, in a dynamic, italicized sans-serif font, symbolizing movement and elegance. Atop the name, a rectangular emblem encloses a stylized “f,” reminiscent of an abstract figure, embodying the company’s commitment to futuristic design. Crowned with a three-pointed crown, the emblem signifies the brand’s distinction and leadership in design. The logo’s navy blue color, accented with touches of red within the emblem, portrays precision and passion, key attributes of the Pininfarina brand.

Premier League

Logo Premier League

The Premier League, England’s top football league and one of the most-followed sports leagues globally, hosts 20 clubs vying for the championship. Its logo is a testament to the English Premier League’s status, featuring a regal lion’s head in profile, crowned to reflect the league’s preeminent position in the sport. The lion’s design is modern and geometric, symbolizing both the league’s heritage and its contemporary essence. The league’s name, “Premier League,” is displayed in a bold, serif font, with “Premier” arranged above “League” for a balanced look. The uniform deep purple hue lends the logo a sense of unity and sophistication, underscoring the league’s prestigious nature.


Logo Queen

Queen, a British rock band formed in 1970, is renowned for its groundbreaking sound and flamboyant stage presence, solidifying their status as music legends. The logo is a complex emblem symbolizing the iconic rock group Queen. Central to the design is a phoenix, indicative of rebirth and immortality, soaring above a regal, stylized “Q” that also serves as a crown. This crown is flanked by a lion and a unicorn, emblematic of British heraldry and representing strength and purity, respectively. Enclosed within a circular frame, the design signifies unity and infinity. Below, the band’s name “Queen” is inscribed in a classic serif font, anchoring the logo with an air of enduring presence and authority. The black and white color scheme adds to the logo’s timeless and adaptable look.

Reading Royals

Logo Reading Royals

The Reading Royals, a professional ice hockey team from Reading, Pennsylvania, are known for their spirited participation in the ECHL since 2001. Their logo features a stylized lion in profile, radiating a regal and formidable presence. Rendered in purple and white with black outlines for sharp contrast, the lion’s flowing mane adds to its noble aspect. A meticulously detailed crown rests on the lion’s head, reflecting the team’s name, “Royals,” and is adorned with jewel-like points, reinforcing the theme of nobility. The logo’s distinctive use of purple, rather than the more traditional gold and red often linked to royalty, imparts a modern and unique character to the design.


Logo Rimmel

Rimmel, also referred to as Rimmel London, is a historic British cosmetics brand renowned for its extensive range of makeup products and trendsetting color palette. The logo displays “RIMMEL” in large, prominent black capitals, topped by a red crown above the ‘R’. This crown, designed traditionally with three visible points each capped with a cross pattée, adds a classic touch. Below “RIMMEL” sits “LONDON” in smaller red capitals, spaced to align with the length of “RIMMEL” above. The striking contrast of black and red on a white backdrop, coupled with the inclusion of “LONDON,” evokes an image of a brand that balances classic elegance with contemporary flair and British roots.

Ritz Carlton

Logo Ritz Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC, operating a global chain of 101 luxury hotels and resorts, is celebrated for its outstanding service and exquisite accommodations. Its logo portrays a bold, majestic lion within a crown that’s open at the top. The lion, shown in profile facing left, is crafted to convey nobility and strength, with a beautifully detailed mane. Its slightly protruding tongue adds a regal touch to its demeanor. Below the lion and crown, “THE RITZ-CARLTON” is inscribed in large, serif capital letters. The placement of the hyphen before “CARLTON” is strategically aligned with the gap between “THE” and “RITZ,” creating a harmonious and symmetric design. This logo radiates luxury and high status, befitting a premium hospitality brand.

Royal Air Maroc

Logo Royal Air Maroc

Royal Air Maroc, Morocco’s national airline, has been bridging Africa with the world through its international flights since 1957. The logo features a circular emblem, bordered by two stylized, horizontal wings stretching outward. Centered within the emblem is an intricate, interlocking geometric pattern resembling a star, symbolizing direction and navigation. A crown, with the central peak crowned by a star, sits atop the emblem, indicating the airline’s royal connections and stature. The entire logo is rendered in a vibrant red, representing vitality and enthusiasm.

Below the emblem and wings are two tiers of text. The upper line is in elegant Arabic script, likely denoting the airline’s name in its native language, and below is “royal air maroc” in lowercase, red Latin script. This contrast between the flowing Arabic and the straightforward Latin script underscores the airline’s blend of cultural heritage and global outreach. The design effectively combines traditional motifs with a contemporary feel, embodying the spirit of aviation and international connectivity.

Royal Canin

Logo Royal Canin

Royal Canin, a leader in customized nutrition for cats and dogs, has been developing breed-specific, life stage-specific, and therapeutic diets since 1968. Its logo presents “ROYAL CANIN” in a striking red, sans-serif font. Above the name, a stylized crown emblem is formed by two red arched lines bridging the text. Atop these arches are five peaks, each crafted from two closely-set red circles, creating the impression of jeweled crown tips.  This design adeptly blends royal imagery with the concept of care, a common association in pet health and nutrition.

Royal Caribbean International

Logo Royal Caribbean International

Royal Caribbean International, a renowned cruise line brand, is celebrated for its innovative ships, including some of the largest in the world, and a wide array of onboard experiences. Its logo is a rectangular banner divided into three horizontal color bands. On the left, within a deep purple square, is a white emblem combining a crown and an anchor, symbolizing both regal grandeur and nautical adventure. The central band, in rich blue, features “RoyalCaribbean” in a serif, white font without spacing between the words. The right part of this band extends past the purple square, reflecting the brand’s expansive nature. The bottom band in bright yellow contains “INTERNATIONAL” in bold, navy blue sans-serif letters. The vibrant tricolor scheme of purple, blue, and yellow evokes luxury, the open seas, and a global scope. The contrast of colors and the crown-anchor emblem indicate a premium cruise line offering grand experiences and exploration.


Logo Ruinart

Established in 1729, Ruinart holds the honor of being the oldest Champagne house, renowned for its long tradition in fine Champagne production. The logo features “Ruinart” in an elegant serif font, with a large capital “R” and lowercase letters, exuding a vintage charm reflective of the brand’s history. Above the name is an elaborate crest with heraldic symbols: a shield, a central fleur-de-lis, and two supporting rampant lions. The shield is quartered with varied patterns, topped with a crown symbolizing regality. “1729” is prominently displayed within the crest, marking the brand’s founding year. Below the name, “LA PLUS ANCIENNE MAISON DE CHAMPAGNE” (The oldest Champagne house) is written in smaller capitals. The monochromatic gold design conveys luxury, quality, and the storied heritage of the Ruinart Champagne house, offering a sophisticated, timeless image.


Logo Saab

Saab, the former Swedish automobile manufacturer, was known for its dedication to safety and innovative features like turbocharged engines. The logo comprises two primary elements. On the left is a circular emblem set against a black backdrop. Inside this circle, “SAAB” is prominently displayed at the top in bold, white, uppercase letters. Below, a white heraldic griffin’s head with a crown takes center stage, symbolizing strength and alertness. “TECHNOLOGIES” is inscribed at the bottom of the circle in smaller white, uppercase letters, completing the design.

To the right, “SAAB” is depicted again, but in a larger, gray, three-dimensional font that creates an impression of depth and substance. This modern, sleek typeface offers a contrast to the traditional emblem to its left. The dual representation of “SAAB” melds established heritage with contemporary innovation, mirroring the brand’s historical roots and its focus on current technology. The logo’s monochromatic color scheme imparts a professional, serious look.


Logo Smirnoff

Smirnoff, the world’s best-selling vodka brand produced by British company Diageo, features a dynamic logo. At its core is a two-headed eagle with a crown, rendered in stylized silver, representing imperial might and distinction. This metallic bird is encircled by a red ribbon, bearing “SMIRNOFF” in bold white capitals. The ribbon’s reflective silver border complements the eagle, adding a touch of prestige and quality.

The two-headed eagle, commonly found in Eastern European heraldry, speaks to the brand’s rich history and cultural roots. The crown atop the eagle further elevates its royal imagery. The logo’s red and silver palette offers a striking contrast, capturing attention and exuding elegance. Overall, the design communicates premium quality and a deep legacy, fitting for a vodka of Smirnoff’s stature.

Standard de Liège

Logo Standard de Liege

Standard de Liège, a renowned Belgian football club established in 1898, is known for its impressive history and numerous championships in Belgian football. The club’s logo is a heraldic emblem featuring a shield as its central motif, embodying tradition and heritage. Atop the shield is a crown with a five-pointed star above, symbolizing excellence or royal status. Inside the shield, the interlocking letters “SL” dominate the space, with a vertical red stripe on the left side of the “S,” adding a vibrant hue to the design.

Encasing the shield are laurel branches, traditional symbols of victory and achievement. These branches converge at the bottom, intersected by a banner displaying “1898,” the club’s founding year. The logo predominantly uses a muted gold color, evoking a sense of age-old prestige. The combined elements of the design — the shield, crown, laurels, and founding year — collectively convey the club’s long-standing tradition and status in Belgian football, perhaps suggesting a connection to the region or city of Liège.


Starbucks Logo

Starbucks, established in Seattle in 1971, has evolved into the largest coffeehouse chain globally, known for its distinctive roasts, light bites, and sustainability efforts. The brand’s logo is a circular green and white emblem, encircling the name “STARBUCKS COFFEE” with each word separated by a star. At the center is a white, symmetrical figure of a siren or mermaid against a green background. The siren, with flowing hair and spread twin tails, dons a crown with a star, indicating a regal or mythical aura. This central figure harks back to the nautical roots of Starbucks, named after a character from “Moby-Dick.” The logo’s design is contemporary yet enduring, reflecting the brand’s long-established identity in the coffee and beverage industry.


Logo Terex

Terex Corporation, an American multinational manufacturer, provides a wide range of equipment for sectors like construction, mining, and transportation. The logo features the word “TEREX” in large, bold black capitals. Adjacent to the text is a square emblem with a red backdrop. Within the square is a crown-like arrangement of abstract shapes, enclosed by a black border. This emblem’s simplistic yet unique design implies strength, stability, and upward aspiration, aligning with Terex’s identity in construction and heavy machinery. The contrast of red, white, and black, coupled with the emblem’s clean lines and geometric shapes, imparts a contemporary, industrial appearance to the logo.

Toronto Marlies

Logo Toronto Marlies

The Toronto Marlies, a Canadian professional ice hockey team affiliated with the AHL and the development team for the NHL’s Toronto Maple Leafs, boast a dynamic logo. It features a stylized blue maple leaf, symbolic of Canada and often used in Canadian sports team imagery, with detailed vein textures and pointed edges, adding a sense of motion and depth. Superimposed on this maple leaf is a classic emblem, a crown, rendered in red with elaborate gold detailing and jewel-like accents in traditional heraldic colors of green, red, and purple. This crown symbolizes prestige and excellence, its intricate design linking to tradition and history. The logo’s bold color contrast and iconic symbols effectively represent the team’s Canadian heritage and sporting spirit.

Toyota Crown

Logo Toyota Crown

The Toyota Crown, a line of mid to full-size luxury sedans from Toyota, is known for its advanced technology and status as a luxury symbol in Japan. The logo depicts a stylized, three-dimensional crown with a sleek, metallic finish, embodying modern sophistication. The crown has a broad base with vertical ridges that narrow towards the top, enhanced by a shaded area adding depth. At the peak sits a prominent, geometrically-cut gem-like figure, infusing elegance and emphasizing the regal theme. The design, with its reflective surfaces and sharp lines, communicates precision and quality, traits often associated with luxury and high-end products.


Logo Tuborg

Tuborg, a Danish brewery established in 1873 and now part of the Carlsberg Group, features a logo that highlights its rich heritage. “TUBORG BEER” is written in large, three-dimensional olive green serif letters, indicating freshness and quality. Above this, a smaller inscription states “BY APPOINTMENT TO THE ROYAL DANISH COURT,” hinting at a prestigious connection or historical link with Danish royalty. The logo is crowned with an intricately designed red and gold crown, adorned with a cross and pearls around its base, symbolizing luxury and high status. Inside the crown are additional elements, like greenery and a possible fruit motif, perhaps referencing the beer’s ingredients or heritage. The crown and royal endorsement in the logo suggest a tradition of quality and recognition by Danish royalty, enhancing the Tuborg brand’s image.


Logo Warsteiner

Warsteiner Brewery, established in 1753 in Warstein, Germany, stands as one of Germany’s largest privately-owned breweries, renowned for its premium pilsener and other beer varieties. The logo features a circular seal, reminiscent of a traditional beer label. At its heart, “Warsteiner” is inscribed in bold, arched black serif letters that span the inner circle’s width, enhanced by a shadow effect for depth. Above the brand name, “1753” and “SEIT” (German for “since”) highlight the brewery’s extensive heritage. Below, “DAS EINZIG WAHRE” (translating to “The Only True”) emphasizes authenticity and quality.

A small, intricately designed crown adorns the top, symbolizing regal quality and prestige, fittingly placed within the upper part of the golden ring bordering the central label. The color palette of black, gold, and white conveys a sense of classic, upscale branding, suitable for a beer with such a rich history. The label is set against a cream or light tan background, which accentuates the contrast and legibility of the text and imagery, further underscoring the brand’s distinguished identity.