All Most Famous Logos With A Star

All Most Famous Logos With A Star

Across industries and borders, brands have long looked to the stars for inspiration, drawing upon their luminous qualities to symbolize their values and aspirations. A star on a logo can signify a multitude of ideals—excellence, quality, aspiration, and navigation—each pointing the way to something superior and guiding. From the red star of Texaco, a beacon in the energy sector since the early 1900s, to the cosmic allure of the Starbucks siren crowned with a starry tiara, these symbols are more than mere points of light. They encapsulate stories, embody qualities, and evoke emotions that resonate with consumers globally.

The use of stars in logos is a nod to the human affinity for looking up to the night sky, seeking patterns among the celestial. In branding, stars have come to represent pinnacle achievements; they are awards, ratings, and marks of approval. But their appeal isn’t just metaphorical. Visually, stars are bold and striking. They stand out in the clutter of visual communications, offering a clear point of focus. A star can transform a simple logo into a statement, a declaration of a brand’s commitment to shining brighter than the rest.


Logo Paramount

Embarking on a journey through a galaxy of logos, we kick-start with the illustrious Paramount Pictures. The American motion picture company, renowned for its movie production and distribution, has an unparalleled presence across the globe. Despite its legendary status, Paramount’s visual identity is more commonly associated with its mountain emblem, rather than the star symbol. Nevertheless, the company showcases a grand display of twenty-one radiant five-pointed stars as a border to its renowned circular medallion.


Logo Eurosport

Eurosport, inaugurated in 1989, has risen as a preeminent pan-European television sports network. It has captivated audiences with its comprehensive coverage of global sports events, including highlights like the Olympic Games, Tour de France, and Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The network’s logo is a blend of bold typography and symbolic imagery: the name “EUROSPORT” is presented in a striking sans-serif font, with “EURO” in a deep blue and “SPORT” in a vibrant red, creating an eye-catching dichotomy. Above this, a semicircle of grey stars forms an arc, echoing the design of the European Union flag and emphasizing the network’s European roots. The color palette—blue, red, and grey—not only signifies energy and professionalism but also encapsulates Eurosport’s authority and extensive coverage across the continent. This logo design encapsulates modernity, clarity, and a strong European identity, making it a perfect emblem for a broadcaster like Eurosport, known for its diverse and extensive sports content.


Logo Chrysler

Chrysler, a marque synonymous with American automotive ingenuity since 1925, has made a significant mark with its luxury vehicles and pioneering contributions to the minivan sector. The brand’s logo is a testament to its rich heritage and forward-thinking ethos. It showcases a pentagonal emblem, backdropped in a deep blue hue, within which a white, five-pointed star is ingeniously formed by the negative space of five converging triangles. This star-like figure, touching the pentagon’s periphery, exudes a sense of motion and progressiveness. Below this emblem, the word “CHRYSLER” is boldly presented in uppercase, using a stark, sans-serif font that speaks to the brand’s reliability and strength. The logo, with its geometric precision and thoughtful color scheme, marries tradition with modernity, mirroring Chrysler’s legacy in the automotive realm. It serves as both a homage to the brand’s American roots and a declaration of its contemporary design ethos.


Logo Texaco

Founded in 1902 in Beaumont, Texas, Texaco, now a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, has established a significant presence in the global oil industry, known for its iconic star logo. The Texaco logo is a distinctive emblem in the energy sector. It features a striking red circle, within which a white star intersects with a ‘T’ shape, combining to form a dynamic center. The star’s pointed design radiates vibrancy and energy, while the ‘T’ adds a sense of solidity and foundation to the logo. To the right, the brand name “TEXACO” is prominently displayed in large, capital letters, maintaining color consistency and bolstering brand recognition. The logo’s red and white color scheme is symbolic of energy and vigor, befitting an oil industry company. The simplicity and boldness of the Texaco logo ensure it is not only memorable but also immediately identifiable.

JAC Motors

Logo JAC Motors

JAC Motors, a Chinese state-owned car and bus manufacturer, features a star in its logo that is reminiscent of Chrysler’s iconic emblem. However, the JAC star is enclosed in a horizontally oriented ellipsoidal frame and placed on a transparent background. Its thin, sharp shape is balanced by a rounded outline, conveying a sense of passion and progressiveness. The silver and red color palette of the emblem represents confidence and professionalism.


Logo Subaru

Incepted in Japan in 1953, Subaru has distinguished itself through the adoption of distinctive boxer engines and its prowess in developing superior all-wheel-drive mechanisms. The emblem of Subaru is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of innovation and quality. It features a sophisticated oval shape, bordered in shimmering metallic silver, setting the stage for a backdrop in a deep and trustworthy shade of blue. Dominating the center is an artistic rendition of the Pleiades star formation, positioned within the Taurus constellation, a nod to the brand’s Japanese name, “Subaru,” which means “Pleiades.” The largest star in this constellation is strategically placed to the left, drawing attention. Below this celestial imagery, the brand’s name “SUBARU” is prominently displayed in strong, capital letters, adding an air of confidence to the design. Accompanied by the registered trademark symbol (®), it emphasizes the brand’s protected and established identity. This emblem is not just a logo, but a symbolic representation of Subaru’s commitment to cutting-edge automotive engineering and a reflection of its heritage.


Logo Starbuck

Founded in 1971 in Seattle, Starbucks has flourished into the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, celebrated for its extensive range of coffee drinks and dedication to sustainable coffee sourcing. The Starbucks logo is an iconic symbol in the coffee industry, featuring a symmetrically designed siren in white with a double-starred crown, set against a backdrop of rich green. The siren’s face is rendered with a welcoming expression, and her hair flows in wave-like strokes, adding a mythical and inviting aura to the image. The logo’s green hue symbolizes growth, freshness, and prosperity, in line with Starbucks’ brand values. Enclosed in a circular frame, the emblem denotes notions of community, inclusion, and Starbucks’ global presence. Over the years, this logo has undergone various transformations but has consistently stood as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and its deep-rooted heritage in the coffee culture.


Logo Heineken

Heineken, established in 1864 in Amsterdam, stands as a global frontrunner among international breweries. Its hallmark green bottle and iconic red star have become synonymous with the brand. The Heineken logo features the brand name in a refined green serif font that radiates elegance and heritage. Adjacent to the text is a striking red, five-pointed star, an emblem of quality and distinction. This star commands attention, symbolizing both passion and energy. The presence of the registered trademark symbol (®) subtly affirms Heineken’s established and legally protected brand identity. The use of green in the logo aligns with themes of growth and freshness, mirroring the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and a rejuvenating taste experience. The logo’s straightforward yet elegant design is instantly recognizable, reflecting Heineken’s longstanding prestige in the global beer market.

Poker Stars

Logo PokerStars

Since its establishment in 2001, Poker Stars has ascended to become a powerhouse in the online poker world, offering a vast array of games and hosting significant online tournaments. The “PokerStars” logo encapsulates the essence of this digital gaming giant with its striking simplicity and impactful design. The brand’s name is rendered in a robust, black, sans-serif font, embodying a contemporary and professional aura. Complementing this, on the left side of the text, is a red spade emblem featuring a white star at its center. This star within the spade is a symbol of expertise and prestige in the realm of poker, while the spade suit itself, often regarded as the most authoritative in card games, mirrors Poker Stars’ dominance in the online poker sector. The design’s stark color contrast and minimalist approach ensure high visibility and instant recognition of the Poker Stars brand.

Rockstar Games

Logo Rockstar

Rockstar Games, established in 1998, has earned acclaim as a video game publisher, known for its hit series such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne. The Rockstar Games logo is a testament to the brand’s impactful and energetic identity. It features a bold, uppercase ‘R’ alongside a five-pointed star, positioned dynamically at the ‘R’s bottom right. The star, seemingly in motion, symbolizes vigor and impact, fitting for a brand associated with high-adrenaline, cutting-edge gaming experiences. The use of black for both elements on a white background conveys power and elegance. The logo’s minimalist yet striking design ensures it stands out, embodying the edgy and innovative spirit of Rockstar Games.


Logo NFL

Since its establishment in 1920, the NFL has evolved into a pillar of American sports culture, celebrated for the Super Bowl and representing the pinnacle of professional American football. The NFL logo is a symbol of unity and strength: a shield-shaped emblem with a deep blue background sets the stage for the top portion, adorned with eight white stars. At its center, a stylized white football with laces points upward, symbolizing the heart of the sport. Below, the acronym “NFL” stands out in white with a red outline, capturing the fervor and excitement of American football. The shield’s contour, outlined in white and blue, enhances its striking appearance. This design masterfully integrates elements emblematic of America’s beloved sport and a patriotic color scheme, perfectly encapsulating the NFL’s spirit and the competitive nature of American football.

Carl’s Jr.

Logo Carls Jr.

In the fast-paced world of American fast food, Carl’s Jr. has carved out a unique niche since its establishment in 1941. Recognized for its inventive advertising campaigns and a diverse menu that spans from hearty burgers to breakfast options, Carl’s Jr. stands out in the competitive food industry. The brand’s logo is a masterpiece of casual sophistication, featuring the name “Carl’s Jr.” in a free-flowing, black cursive script. This font choice imparts an air of relaxed elegance, making the brand feel accessible and welcoming. Accompanying the text is the brand’s iconic, anthropomorphic yellow star, wearing a broad, contented smile. This star, with its eyes gently closed and a curved, satisfied smile, embodies the pleasure and fulfillment associated with the brand’s offerings. Not just a mascot, this star is pivotal to the brand’s identity, symbolizing both quality assurance and a source of joy for its customers. Moreover, the presence of the registered trademark symbol (®) in the logo underlines the brand’s well-established and legally protected identity. Set against a simple backdrop, the logo ensures the spotlight stays on the name and the quintessential star of Carl’s Jr.


Logo Converse

Since its inception in 1908, Converse has risen to prominence as a pivotal American footwear brand, gaining widespread acclaim for its Chuck Taylor All Stars and significant influence in the realms of sports, fashion, and popular culture. The brand’s emblem, a striking synthesis of a black five-pointed star adjacent to a rightward-pointing arrow-like chevron, is prominently placed above the brand’s name, “CONVERSE,” in uppercase, sans-serif lettering. This monochromatic design ethos imparts a sense of timeless elegance and adaptability, ensuring the emblem’s instant recognition. The star and chevron combination embodies dynamism and direction, resonating with Converse’s rich legacy in both athletic and casual footwear. This emblematic representation captures the essence of perpetual vigor and modern sophistication, mirroring Converse’s storied status in the fashion and cultural landscape.


Logo Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz, a company known for producing premium cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, boasts one of the most iconic logos with a star. The emblem resulted from the merger of two logos, Benz and Daimler, and depicts a three-spoke car steering wheel. The design communicates the company’s focus on automobile transport while paying homage to its past achievements in aircraft and ship engine production. Each ray of the star symbolizes one of the three elements – land, water, and air – signifying the company’s engines perform equally well in all.


Logo Aardman

Established in the early 1970s, Aardman Animations stands as a beacon of innovation in the British animation landscape. This studio, renowned for its pioneering work in clay animation, has become synonymous with iconic characters and stories, including the beloved Wallace and Gromit series and the groundbreaking film “Chicken Run.” The visual identity of Aardman Animations is unmistakably characterized by its logo. This emblem is a striking display of the brand name ‘AARDMAN’ rendered in bold, uppercase letters bathed in a vivid pink shade. The choice of a sans-serif font contributes to a contemporary and sleek aesthetic, emphasizing the studio’s modern approach to storytelling and animation. A notable feature of the logo is a playful pink star with soft, rounded corners, strategically placed above the initial ‘A’ in ‘AARDMAN.’ This star, set in the central position above the letter, conveys a message of excellence and high quality that the studio consistently delivers in its animated creations. The pink color not only adds a touch of whimsy but also cements Aardman Animations as a brand that values creativity and imagination. The logo’s design, with its blend of simplicity and distinctiveness, guarantees both high visibility and immediate brand recognition.

Bank of India

Logo Bank of India

In the Indian banking sector, the Bank of India stands as a pillar of reliability and comprehensive financial services. Since its inception in 1906 and subsequent nationalization in 1969, the bank has served a diverse range of customers, both within India and globally. The Bank of India’s logo is a vibrant testament to its heritage and values. It features an energetic orange star with a pristine white center, in which a detailed depiction of the goddess Durga, alongside her lion, symbolizes strength and bravery. This powerful imagery, coupled with a background of deep blue, frames the bank’s name ‘Bank of India’ in white, uppercase letters. This typographical choice exudes a sense of solidity and trust, essential qualities in the realm of banking. The logo effectively melds national symbolism, dynamic coloration, and confident typography, creating a visual narrative that reflects the bank’s longstanding commitment to serving and guiding its customers in the financial world.


Logo Benelli

With its inception in the early 20th century, Benelli has carved out a prestigious position in the motorcycle industry, known for its cutting-edge design and legacy in high-performance bike manufacturing. The Benelli logo encapsulates the brand’s essence with elegance and historical reverence. Enclosed within a silver circular border, the emblem exudes a timeless, badge-like quality. At its heart lies a crisp, white backdrop showcasing the name ‘Benelli’ in prominent, black, serif letters. Positioned above the brand name are three black stars, symmetrically aligned in an inverted triangle, while below, a majestic black lion, full-maned and paw raised, signifies strength and royal stature. Encasing the central design, green laurel wreaths symbolize victory and high status. This harmonious combination of traditional elements and symbols of excellence distinctly reflects Benelli’s rich heritage and its commitment to excellence in the motorcycle industry.

Captain America

Logo Captain America

Captain America, a seminal character in the realm of American comic books, was brought to life by Marvel Comics through the creative vision of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in the early 1940s. This superhero’s iconic shield stands as a symbol of his values and mission. The design of the shield is characterized by a series of concentric circles culminating in a central star emblem. The outermost circle is a deep red, followed by a silver ring, and then a bold blue disc, at the center of which sits a prominent white star outlined in silver. This color scheme, mirroring the American flag, coupled with the star emblem, often associated with military insignia, speaks to themes of protection, bravery, and patriotism. The shield’s design, with its metallic texture, further reinforces the image of resilience and strength, key attributes of Captain America.

Chuck Taylor

Logo Chuck Taylor

The Chuck Taylor All Star, a legendary footwear icon from Converse, has transcended its origins as a basketball shoe to become a symbol of fashion and culture since 1917. Its logo is a timeless representation of a distinguished shoe brand. At the center is a vibrant red star, encircled by the words “Chuck Taylor” in a semicircular arrangement at the top and “All Star” at the bottom, both set in a classic serif font that radiates enduring elegance. Arching above this circle is the name “CONVERSE,” boldly stating the brand identity in uppercase letters. This textual design is framed within a circular border, composed of two concentric circles interspersed with a dotted line texture, adding a tactile element to the aesthetic. The use of a contrasting blue for the text and border against the red star creates an eye-catching visual. This design encapsulates a heritage of authenticity and the enduring appeal of the Chuck Taylor All Star.

Coldwell Banker

Logo Coldwell Banker

Since its founding in 1906, Coldwell Banker has emerged as one of the foremost names in North American residential real estate, offering comprehensive services in home buying and selling. The company’s logo features a sophisticated monogram intertwining the letters “C” and “B” in a dignified dark blue, projecting a professional and commanding presence. The “C” gracefully envelops the “B,” symbolizing the unity and robustness of the brand’s services. A five-pointed star, perched above the “B,” adds an element of distinction, indicative of the brand’s commitment to excellence and quality. The name “COLDWELL BANKER,” spelled out below in a bold, capitalized, sans-serif font, reinforces the brand’s strong identity. The choice of dark blue conveys a sense of trust, security, and professionalism, key virtues in the realm of real estate. The overall design of the logo is clean, contemporary, and instantly recognizable, effectively positioning Coldwell Banker as a leader in its industry.

Energy Star

Logo Energy Star

Energy Star, a program initiated in 1992 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency in products, homes, and buildings, as signified by its unique certification mark. The logo features a light blue backdrop with the word “Energy” in a flowing, cursive script, transitioning into the silhouette of a shooting star. The tail of the “y” elegantly extends to underline the word, merging seamlessly with the star’s trail, embodying a sense of momentum and progress. This design represents the program’s dedication to energy conservation and environmental stewardship. The star in the logo is emblematic of the high standards set for energy-saving measures, while the contrast of white against blue signifies clarity and a clean, environmental commitment. The overall design of the Energy Star logo conveys an accessible, positive, and proactive message.


Logo Estrella

The name Estrella, associated with various products, could denote Estrella Damm, the renowned Spanish beer established in 1876, or other regional brands each with their distinct heritage and product range. The logo is a lively and eye-catching display, featuring the brand name “Estrella” in elegant white cursive script set against a backdrop resembling a fluttering red banner. Above this script, a three-dimensional star, rendered in the same red and outlined in gold, seems to leap off the banner, symbolizing aspirations of excellence. The logo’s palette of red and gold radiates passion and quality, with the flowing script adding a touch of grace and sophistication. This design not only captures attention but also epitomizes the brand’s spirit of vitality and distinction, effectively embodying the essence of Estrella.


Logo Macy’s

Macy’s, founded in 1858, has become an iconic name in American retail, renowned for its vast product range, the celebrated Thanksgiving Day Parade, and its status as a retail powerhouse. The Macy’s logo is characterized by its simplicity and contemporary style: the brand’s name is rendered in a lowercase, sans-serif font, conveying modernity and approachability. A prominent red five-pointed star stands to the left, an emblem of excellence and an homage to the iconic red star long associated with Macy’s. Complementing this, a smaller black star on the right end above the ‘s’ adds a symmetric decorative touch, further highlighting the brand’s name. The classic color combination of the red star against black text exudes boldness and vitality, apt for a department store celebrated for its urban flair and special events. The logo’s clean and straightforward design ensures it remains memorable and distinctly Macy’s.

StarCom Racing

Logo Star Com Racing
Established in 2017, StarCom Racing has quickly made its mark in the NASCAR Cup Series, one of America’s most popular motorsports. The StarCom Racing logo encapsulates the team’s dynamic and competitive spirit. It features a vibrant yellow star with a tail resembling a comet, embodying speed and forward motion. This star, outlined in black, conveys excellence and ambition, central themes in the team’s ethos. The logo splits the name “Star Com Racing” into two distinct elements: “Star Com” in a flowing italic font, echoing the star’s trajectory, and “Racing” in a bold font with an orange gradient, adding depth and vigor. A checkered flag motif near “Racing” directly alludes to the racing world. Overall, the design of the StarCom Racing logo captures the thrill and competitiveness inherent in racing, with the trademark symbol emphasizing its established and protected brand identity.

Dallas Cowboys

Logo Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys, an iconic American football team founded in the 1960s, have distinguished themselves with a record-breaking run of 20 consecutive winning seasons from 1966 to 1985, earning a reputation as one of the world’s most valuable sports franchises. Their emblem is a navy blue star with a nuanced outline in white and navy, giving it a layered, prominent appearance. This emblem, reminiscent of a bright night sky, symbolizes lofty ambitions and stellar performance. The star, often linked with guidance and leadership, radiates a sense of precision and professionalism through its sharp angles. The navy blue color choice is both commanding and authoritative, aptly representing the team’s image. This iconic star emblem not only symbolizes the Dallas Cowboys but also stands as a testament to their values of excellence and distinction.


Logo San Pellegrino

Founded in 1899, San Pellegrino is renowned globally for its premium natural mineral water, sourced from Italy’s Lombardy region. The San Pellegrino logo exudes elegance and quality, befitting the brand’s heritage. It features the brand name in a refined serif font. Above this, a prominent red star creates a striking focal point, contrasting sharply with the navy blue of the text. This star likely represents the high quality and excellence that San Pellegrino is known for. The inclusion of the registered trademark symbol (®) subtly confirms the brand’s protected status. The logo’s color scheme and classic typography align seamlessly with San Pellegrino’s market position as a purveyor of high-quality mineral water.

Steven Universe

Logo Steven Universe

Steven Universe, an animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios, follows the adventures of a young boy who possesses special powers related to gem-like celestial beings. The show’s logo features the title, “Steven Universe,” written in bold, eye-catching letters with a mixture of yellow and orange hues. The word’s corner is adorned with a star, mimicking the celestial theme of the series.

Toys R Us

Logo Toys R Us

Toys R Us, established in 1948, is a legendary American toy company known for its imaginative logos. The brand name, “Toys R Us,” is written in bright and colorful letters, with a blue mirrored letter “R” shaped as “Я.” Instead of a regular dot, the “R” sports a star-shaped hole, adding a whimsical touch to the logo.