All Most Famous Logos With A Star

In this era of overwhelming abundance, opportunities, and options, life may seem simpler for consumers but it’s a challenge for businesses to differentiate and leave a lasting impression. The first aspect that grabs the attention of a potential customer is the brand’s logo, where the choice of symbols to depict professionalism and reliability is limited. Amongst these symbols, the star holds a prominent place, not just for its representation of professionalism and trustworthiness but also for its association with patriotism. We invite you to discover 25 of the most noteworthy and intriguing star logos.


Logo Paramount

Embarking on a journey through a galaxy of logos, we kick-start with the illustrious Paramount Pictures. The American motion picture company, renowned for its movie production and distribution, has an unparalleled presence across the globe. Despite its legendary status, Paramount’s visual identity is more commonly associated with its mountain emblem, rather than the star symbol. Nevertheless, the company showcases a grand display of twenty-one radiant five-pointed stars as a border to its renowned circular medallion.


Logo Chrysler

Chrysler, a legendary American automaker, boasts one of the most iconic logos featuring a star. The solid pentagonal shape of the unscripted star adds volume and lightness to the main emblem, elevating its style and sharpness. The thin rays of the star symbolize progress, strength, speed, professionalism, and loyalty. Executed in gradients, the symbol gives the badge a sleek, three-dimensional look.


Logo Texaco

Texaco, the largest integrated energy company in the US, also utilizes a star in its logo. The star symbolizes the power and passion embodied in the red and white color palette, and has deep roots in the state of Texas, which is nicknamed the “Lone Star State”. Despite its simple appearance, the Texaco logo exudes a super-strong spirit and is easily recognizable.

JAC Motors

Logo JAC Motors

JAC Motors, a Chinese state-owned car and bus manufacturer, features a star in its logo that is reminiscent of Chrysler’s iconic emblem. However, the JAC star is enclosed in a horizontally oriented ellipsoidal frame and placed on a transparent background. Its thin, sharp shape is balanced by a rounded outline, conveying a sense of passion and progressiveness. The silver and red color palette of the emblem represents confidence and professionalism.


Logo Subaru

Subaru, a Japanese automaker, has several stars in its famous blue and silver logo. Six four-pointed stars, five of which are to the right of the main star, feature an elongated, arched shape that represents the Seven Sisters Constellation. The blue and silver palette is inspired by the night sky with stars.


Logo Starbuck

Starbucks, the American coffee company and coffee shop chain, uses two simple five-pointed stars in white to separate the wordmark and emphasize the “Star” part of the brand name. The green and white color palette, elevated by the star symbol, evokes growth, progress, and energy, reflecting the company’s mission to brighten its customers’ days with coffee.


Logo Heineken

Heineken, the Dutch brewing company, uses a star in its logo that has a controversial history. The star first appeared on the logo in the 1880s, but changed color and design throughout the years, becoming red again after the collapse of the USSR in 1991 to avoid any communist associations.

Poker Stars

Logo PokerStars

Poker Stars, the largest online poker resource in the world, features a white five-pointed star inscribed in a red spades symbol in its logo. The star represents exploration, wonder, achievement, brilliance, and development, while the white color embodies transparency and trustworthiness, reflecting the company’s reputation as a trustworthy platform for playing poker for money.

Rockstar Games

Logo Rockstar

Rockstar Games, an American computer game development and publishing company, has a bright logo featuring a white five-pointed star in a black outline. The star, placed at the end of the right “R” bar, stands for energy, strength, development, and happiness, and is a literal representation of the brand name.


Logo NFL

The NFL, the professional American football league, boasts a celebration of patriotism on its logo, with dozens of white five-pointed stars representing the US national flag. The stars on the classy crest symbolize the organization’s timeless values and strong roots.

Carl’s Jr.

Logo Carls Jr.

The star on the logo of a well-known brand of fast food, Carl’s Jr., exudes friendliness and kindness, with its golden rays spreading out in a warm embrace. The star is surrounded by a green circle, representing the brand’s connection to nature and its commitment to sustainability.


Logo Converse

Converse, a renowned American company that’s been crafting shoes since the early 1900s, boasts one of the world’s most recognizable footwear logos: the Chuck Taylor All-Star. This iconic emblem features a circular frame encasing a bold five-pointed star that first appeared in 1928 and has since been synonymous with the brand. Despite the absence of any lettering, just a deep blue star would still be widely associated with the renowned sneakers. Executed in a calm and serene blue hue, the logo exudes a serious and confident vibe, establishing the company as a producer of top-notch, timeless shoes.


Logo Mercedes Benz

Mercedes-Benz, a company known for producing premium cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles, boasts one of the most iconic logos with a star. The emblem resulted from the merger of two logos, Benz and Daimler, and depicts a three-spoke car steering wheel. The design communicates the company’s focus on automobile transport while paying homage to its past achievements in aircraft and ship engine production. Each ray of the star symbolizes one of the three elements – land, water, and air – signifying the company’s engines perform equally well in all.


Logo Aardman

Aardman, a British studio famous for its clay-animation cartoons such as Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep, has a logo featuring the word “Aardman” in red letters, appearing as if painted on. Above the letter “A” lies a slightly rotated red star in the same style.

Bank of India

Logo Bank of India

Bank of India, one of the country’s largest banks led by the government, has an emblem featuring a 5-tip red star with the top tip longer than the other four. The central space accommodates a black illustration of a human figure with a lion, the symbol of India, lying behind.


Logo Benelli

Benelli, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer established in 1911, boasts a long-standing logo featuring a circle with green laurel wreaths on the edges and a small lion figure in the center. Above it, the company name is written in black, and three white stars arranged in a triangular pattern are placed above it.

Captain America

Logo Captain America

Captain America, a prominent superhero in the Marvel Universe and a morally upright patriotic supersoldier, is symbolized by his shield emblem – a circle with three ring layers of red, white, red, and a blue core with a white star. The design takes inspiration from the American flag.

Chuck Taylor

Logo Chuck Taylor

The Chuck Taylor All-Stars logo, designed by Converse, features a big red star in the center of a white, blue-outlined circle. “Converse” and “All-Star” are written in blue letters along the top and bottom edges, and the words “Chuck Taylor” are placed on the left and right of the central star in an informal handwriting style.

Coldwell Banker

Logo Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker, an American real estate services provider established in 1906, has a logo featuring the letters “C” and “B” written diagonally next to each other, with a blue star placed above in a nod to America’s love of stars. The company name is written below in big blue letters.

Energy Star

Logo Energy Star

Energy Star, a program launched by the American government in 1992 to promote energy conservation, has a logo featuring a big turquoise square with the word “Energy” written in italic letters in the middle. A white image of a star to the right represents the “Star” aspect, and a curved line above symbolizes the globe.


Logo Estrella

Estrella is a snack brand originating from Sweden, crafted by the food conglomerate Kraft Foods. The company’s emblem boasts a fiery red 5-pointed star, where some of the tips are bent back to expose their undersides, giving the appearance of paper. The word “Estrella” is written in bold white italics, accompanied by a red ribbon. The name itself holds Spanish roots, translating to “star.”


Logo Macy’s

Macy’s, a renowned American clothing and apparel manufacturer, flaunts a simple yet sophisticated logo. The company name, written in lowercase black letters, is complemented by a minimalistic red star on its left. The utilization of a star pays homage to America’s historical infatuation with celestial symbols.


Logo San Pellegrino

Pellegrino, the Italian brand known worldwide for its sparkling mineral water, showcases a brilliant blue emblem with white outlines. The company’s name, “S. Pellegrino,” is written in large letters, while a double-outlined red star sits atop the lettering. The red star has long been a symbol of the brand, exuding elegance and sophistication.

Steven Universe

Logo Steven Universe

Steven Universe, an animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios, follows the adventures of a young boy who possesses special powers related to gem-like celestial beings. The show’s logo features the title, “Steven Universe,” written in bold, eye-catching letters with a mixture of yellow and orange hues. The word’s corner is adorned with a star, mimicking the celestial theme of the series.

Toys R Us

Logo Toys R Us

Toys R Us, established in 1948, is a legendary American toy company known for its imaginative logos. The brand name, “Toys R Us,” is written in bright and colorful letters, with a blue mirrored letter “R” shaped as “Я.” Instead of a regular dot, the “R” sports a star-shaped hole, adding a whimsical touch to the logo.