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Tuborg is a beer brand. This brewery originated in Denmark, and it’s actually one of the chief Danish brands, alongside Carlsberg and Lego. The brand is rather successfully internationally, although the key market is no doubt Europe – specifically Northern and Eastern parts.

Meaning and History

Famously, the name ‘Tuborg’ comes from ‘Thuesborg’, which was the name of a highly popular inn back in 17th century Copenhagen. Since then, it’s grown into a popular name for the city area roughly where that inn was formerly. In 1873, a new brewery adopted the name – ‘Tuborgs Fabrikkler’, or Tuborg.

1873 – today

Tuborg Logo

The official brewery logo adopted in 1873 was with the company every since, although they did eventually use a simpler version for it to label their bottles and whatnot.

It was two green (inspired by hop, no doubt) words in thick Gothic serif. These were stacked one over the other, and all of the letters were uppercase. In addition, they had a noticeably yellowish-brown outline to them (inspired by beer). The words spelled ‘TUBORG BEER’.

Additional elements include a depiction of the Danish royal crown in all the proper colors, as well as the words ‘BY APPOINTMENT TO THE ROYAL DANISH COURT’ in smaller golden letters written between the main text and the headwear. It basically meant the King approved of the beer.

Emblem and Symbol

There were several types of label throughout the years, but the most iconic and simultaneously the latest attempt features just the word ‘Tuborg’ taken directly from the logo and repainted to black (or sometimes dark green). Often, they would do other machinations with it, but that’s the primary principle.