Moxie Logo

Moxie is one of the many mass-produced carbonated soft drinks that you can see in the stores generally in the United States, but also occasionally in Europe. This drink has various variants including Energy version, Citrus, Blue Cream, Thunder, with less sugar, etc.

Meaning and History

The drink brand company was launched somewhere in 1876 by the medician Augustin Thompson in Lowell, Massachusetts. Moxie is probably one of the oldest soft drinks brands existing. That time it was meant to be the medicine anti-stress beverage.

The Thompson’s brand and company gained the name Moxie after the surname of his friend, who, they say, discovered the curious plant that, as soon became known, could be used for the med anti-stress drink. Though, there is another version, that name comes from the Abenaki Indian tribe language word of ‘Dark water’.

1962 – Today

Moxie Logo

When Moxie label introduced its sugar-free brand called Moxie Diet in 1962, it soon introduced the corporate logotype and started to place it in the articles to expanse the audience. That new logotype was so successful that it is still in use for today.

So, on the curious corporate logotype with the orange color dominance, there was the picture of the black-haired doctor pointing at you with his finger. Next to him, there was the bold inscription ‘Moxie’ with the custom font and the blue shadow from it.

Emblem and Symbol

Though the doctor and inscription was always the principal elements in the Moxie brand identity, the brand posters and some official secondary logotypes used them with some modifications and different color pallets.

For example, you can find the versions with yellow dominance, where the name located in the orange rectangle. Also, you can find the orange and blue logo, derived for the 2019 Moxie Festival, which depicted the characters from different cultures such as Madonna holding the bottle of the drink. And so on.