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Founded: 1992
Founder: Jakiv Gribov, Bella Finkelstein and Anatoly Kipish.
Headquarters: Vinnytsya, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus

Nemiroff is a major producer of vodka in Ukraine. It’s a rather old distillery, but in recent history they’ve only been around since the Soviet Union collapsed. Most of their iconic products are pepper vodka, also known as horilka in Ukraine. That being said, their assortment goes well beyond just that.

Meaning and History

Nemiroff is a Russian spelling of the Ukrainian city of Nemyriv, where this brand originated in 1872. Nevertheless, the city was a major center of distilling even before the brand came to be. In its current form, it’s been active since 1992, when the company and its assets went public.

1992 – today

Nemiroff Logo

There wasn’t really a need for branding before the company was given its own way in 1992. Right after the second founding, this logo was created for the brand – mostly for corporate use.

The main emblem was an elegant capital ‘N’ put inside a ring. Attached to the letter was a strange construction that resembles a wing or a comb. It was probably added for more sophistication.

Below, they put the brand’s name – Nemiroff – written diagonally in blocky serif letters. Additional writing elements include the year 1872 and the word ‘Vodka’ usually written in similar style near the name part. Everything in the logo was usually either grey or black.

Emblem and Symbol

In addition to the official branding symbols, Nemiroff Company also uses their own sign of quality – the dark letter ‘N’ put inside an illustrated cup. They usually put these inside a golden circle that would then be attached to a bottle’s labeling as a sign that it’s a legitimate Nemiroff product.