Parle Products Logo

Parle Products is the company focused on the Indian food and also cookies. It’s the most successful brand producing and selling various biscuits in the world: about a half of the global biscuit circulation belongs to them, making them one of the biggest food businesses on Earth.

Meaning and History

Parle was established in the year 1929, when the Chauhan family of Vile Parle, Bombay, decided to sell the foods in the Indian streets, in 1931 they started to product biscuits. The name for the company became Parle. By the official version, it somehow symbolized quality, nutrition and the best taste.

What is Parle Products?
Parle Products is an Indian company known for its popular range of biscuits, confectionery, and snacks. It has been a prominent player in the Indian FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) industry for decades, offering a wide variety of affordable and tasty products that are loved by consumers across the country.

1950s – Today

Parle Products Logo

The first and last Parle Products logo appeared probably in the 1950s, when the big company was split in three little ones. All three companies though continued to use the family brand mark ‘Parle’ or the elements of it.

So, the current company logotype depicts the word ‘Parle’ of the custom font. It is placed in the bright red-colored figure that looks similar to the house. Sometimes it can be placed on the little white zone, while the remaining spaces is colored red.

Emblem and Symbol

Before the 1950s logotype was established, the company used, as the brand mark for the advert pages in magazines the simple inscription in the handwritten font, as many companies of that time. You can find it on the posters of 30s-50s, posted on the official Parle website.