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Ruinart is one of the many sophisticated wine houses in the Reims region in France. They are rather old houses, and Ruinart is not an exception. There are ancient brand dating back to even the Middle-Ages, but Ruinart champagne started selling in 1729. It is still sold in large numbers, although they consider it a very high-quality drink.

Meaning and History

The first of the Ruinart champagne was produced in the year 1729. The production was launched by one Nicolas Ruinart, and the company was named after him, as usual back then. Over time, the house became amongst the biggest in the region, and that made them an international brand (although it’s less talked-about) now.

1729 – today

Ruinart Logo

The iconic Ruinart logo features one key element – the name itself. The word ‘Ruinart’ is written in a Gothic font – very reminiscent of the 18th century. They’d usually paint it beige, red or black, depending on where the logo would be displayed. The other elements are secondary, but they are also often displayed alongside the logo.

Above, they’d usually put the Ruinart coat of arms: two lions supporting a shield that features a rose, a heart and two stars – all domed by a crown. Furthermore, there’s usually a year of creation – 1729 – written somewhere around this element.

Beneath, they’d usually put the brand’s title of ‘the first established champagne house’ – in French or English (but more often in French).

Emblem and Symbol

The most common symbol you’d see everywhere – from bottle labels to other branding products – is the company name written in a Gothic style. Often, they’d also display the coat of arms of Ruinart, but without the coloring. In general, they are very free about labeling their bottles, and the principles vary.